What REALLY is Private Equity? What do Private Equity Firms ACTUALLY do?


What is private equity?
What do private equity firms actually do?
Why the name private equity?
What companies are targeted by private equity funds?
What type of strategies are used by private equity funds when investing and exiting investments?
How long is the typical investment horizon of a PE investment?
Which are the different fund structure private equity firms use in the US and in Europe?
How are private equity companies remunarated for their investment efforts by investors?
What is the typical lifecycle of a private equity fund?

We’ll answer these and many more questions in the video. Please take a look.
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  1. Most run management by spreadsheet, load with debt and pump and dump scenarios. All while self proclaiming their genius 🤣

  2. stake in private company by private equity firms in global is foreign direct investment or foreign portfolio investment ??????????

  3. This video was very helpful for me when I was researching my video about Taylor Swift and her battle with private equity! Thanks very much! I linked you in my video description

  4. I've worked for a PE firm and this is pretty spot on, I didn't even know PE firms in Europe had a different structure, good to learn something!

  5. Hope you will enjoy the video! And here's a link to our CFA Level 1 program:


  6. Most useful and comprehensive videos I have seen on private equity and investment banking here….great work 365 careers…. can't thank you more…!!

  7. It's a big scam. @AoC is trying to start another buzzword inanity "private equity," to defend capital in general which is in publicly traded firms like Amazon and Dyncorp and Lockheed Martin and https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/G4S  and act like they don't exploit and commit crimes etc. They do this all this time. @AOC is saying "private equity private equity" as if it's synonymous with private property, and she is trying to confuse the stupid and screendamaged by this fascist tactic (described by Victor Klemperer in LTI: the language of the Third Reich.)

  8. Alternatively, they acquire controlling shares of company using borrowed private equity linked hedge-fund capital, drive up their debt on stock buybacks to temporarily drive up share prices to sell off, deducting the interest payments, selling off real estate into private equity linked REIT lease-back arrangements, extracting management fees, commissions, and dividends ultimately leaving an unsustainable business model that eventually goes bankrupt and as REIT takes assets as collateral.

  9. Thanks for the Video! Really great overview of what PE firms do.

    Can you make a video on comparing what work do the analysts do in all these different Investment management firms? Thanks 🙂


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