WHAT DO YOU GET FOR USD $65 – Hotels in Bali Indonesia 🇮🇩


We found the Amnaya Hotel online and thought it seemed good value.
Watch and see what you get for $65 USD and how good is the service?

GET $20 AUD DISCOUNT with Booking.com.

Check out the Amnaya Hotel

USD $20 Budget Bali Hotel
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Balinese Cooking School Video


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  1. Bali looks absolutely gorgeous ! one of my neighbours goes there once a year and they say it’s peaceful and gorgeous. I would love to go and experience it for myself. Looks beautiful Steve and Michelle. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  2. Oh, it's near a waterpark and in Kuta? Is it near the Grand Inna Kuta Hotel by any chance?

    If so, I'd be surprised since I stayed in GIK throughout my school trip. Awesome stuff!

  3. that's very reasonable price 65 dollars/night include breakfast and entertainment in kuta area in low season you won the lottery of holyday,sir.

  4. That breakfast looked amazing. I’d be interested in trying what Michelle had, the broccoli mango smoothie.

    Also, that’s not a bad price for a hotel, considering how much you’d pay in other parts of the world. I know doing parents weekend and or (American) football weekends for home games, for the hotel I work at the prices jump to $600-$700 a night and the cheapest I’ve seen with discounted through some kind of auto club or different source, maybe $109. But my hotel is in the middle of everything in capital city downtown. So it’s kind of expected. Lol.

  5. My goodness Steve, I wouldn't be able to move after half that breakfast.😮 What beautiful dancing. Thanks for sharing, & take care. 💖🙂🐶

  6. Have you done a video on different price points for longer term accomodations? I've read only superficially about guesthouses/homestays and locals living in kosts?

  7. You always find awesome deals at beautiful places. You should teach me a class. It could be called "Learn from Steve and Michelle. Jedi Knights of world travel" 😎🤗🤗😎

  8. Hi, Steve. Hotels are really expensive. 😣😣😣 What's your best tip for making the best pancakes that's full of flavor?


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