What $1,000,000 Gets You in Southern California


What $1 million gets you in southern california – orange county edition. In today’s video we are touring four different houses all in the range of $1,000,000 in Orange County – a huge suburb of southern california.

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It’s not secret that California has some of the highest housing costs in the country. Today we’re going to take a look at what $1 million dollars can get you in Irvine, CA. Orange County/Irvine is 50 miles outside of LA, so this is really showing what you can get in a suburb of LA. Keep in mind Orange County is pretty big, with varying prices in each city within Orange County. $1 million in Newport Beach will get you something completely different than $1 million in Santa Ana. I picked Irvine to show some of the houses because it’s somewhere in the middle- still pretty expensive, but not the absolute most expensive of Orange County.

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  1. One million dollars where I live can buy you a cramped one bedroom apartment. Damn I hate NYC. The city definitely isn’t for me.

  2. Cali is so expensive, my family has a home which they bought for 400,000 dollars 2,800 sq ft. 6 bedroom 4 bathrooms. Cali is way too expensive

  3. A million dollar mansion in Arkansas is about the same size if not more in and just as nice as 25 to 30 million dollar mansion in LA or surrounding areas.

  4. My house I bought was built in 2020 and is 5 bedroom 5 bathroom with 4000 sqft and it has a 3 car garage and an RV garage plus a pool and jacuzzi on a quarter acre and it was $380,000…

  5. Girl it would be cool if you did some “off market” areas in California. Like places in CA you can buy a house for under $500,000. THAT would be interesting. I’d love to see you profile some of the communities you find those houses in.

  6. The market in California is crazy compared to most other states. $1M in Cali will get you a nice house, but in most other states, $1M can get you 2 mansions

  7. Gawd.. I know I'm paying for the location and not just the house but still, paying so much for so little is ridiculous. I think I might have to move to Flordia, I want to live in a pretty place not in the middle of no where, even though Flordia man is probably on the loose.

  8. Interesting video, I was looking up real estate videos and yours came up. Was surprised to see how many views 👍🏼
    Many real estate investors in CA are talking about ADUs and I have noticed some younger investors are looking into duplex, 3 & 4 unit to offset the ownership cost and have income from the units. Possibly in one of your future vlogs.
    Seems like Irvine is expensive because of the high demand of schools and multi generational families.

  9. The problem with California and New York is they think it's still the 1980s. The prices were way off then too. Almost half a century later and no correction, they just make up sh1t LMAOOOO! California is a money pit.

  10. With that kind of money in my country ,in my city you get a castle with full of hookers and platinum condoms in each room ,but on the islands its to expensive,btw im from Croatia


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