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  1. CS:GO was not all low. Sunshafts are one thing, but SHADOWS are like one of the most CPU-hungry stuff you can get. CS had high resolution shadows + environment shadows… thats why your FPS sucked -.-

  2. Just as an update, you can buy a optiplex 3020 for 70 bucks on Ebay with an i5-4570 cpu, which is way better then what they upgraded to.

    The original cpu they had was a core 2 duo e750, which is TERRIBLE. They eventually upgraded to a q9650, but that's almost a too expensive upgrade to keep under 150. The i5-4570 that comes with that optiplex 3020 is actually BETTER than the q9650 as well.

  3. got lucky a couple months ago and I found a Lenovo S30 or somethin' with the xeon equivalent of an i7 3930k, 16gb ram and a gtx 1060 for $100 lol… thought maybe something was wrong with it but I took the gamble and everything worked fine. [Didn't even get to see the PC on… guy's listing showed a small town like an hour away… so maybe that's why it hadn't sold?]

  4. Well, this is encouraging . I have an optiplex with the quad core processor already in the machine. I was gonna dump it and go for a new one, but I think I may try to breathe some new life in it . Thanks!

  5. Here in our Country you can buy i5 3rd gen +8gb ram +rx570 for 150$. (2nd hand) Ofcourse no case and etc. But you can build all of that @170$

  6. I love these videos, linus. Keep making stuff like this. It makes the pc experience more believable for everyone.

    Im currently beefing up a dell optiplex 990 dt sff. Turning it into one of my music recording pc's but i also have a 750ti in it…so it can game. Lol. It also has a i5 quad core in it. So its a keeper.

  7. Was the 265 power supply actually able to power the whole thing? Im making a similar build, but not sure if 265 watts is enough. BTW, LOVE the channel

  8. Current LTT videos have come a long way in just two years lol. Anyone else bored af in quarantine rewatching old vids?

  9. If you guys installed soft carpets you could potentially save thousands of dollars from Linus dropping stuff 😂😂❤️


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