Vietnam: Look at my Dong! Vietnamese currency


The currency that Vietnam uses is called the Vietnamese Dong. The bills are colorful and the numbers used are very large. If you’re curious about what Vietnamese money looks like, check out the video.

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  1. I went to Vietnam just for My 12th Birthday and I have alot of Vietnamese money like for example

    10,000 (15 Notes )
    20,000 ( 20 Notes)
    50,000 ( 20 Notes)
    1,000 ( 40 Notes )
    2,000 ( 45 Notes)
    5,000 ( 55 Notes )
    500 ( 900 Notes )
    200 ( 120 Notes )

    P.S I'm Vietnamese

  2. I wanna be a millionaire with you hehe send me youre banknotes so i can be a millionare (just kidding though )also that was a communist leader his name was ho chi mihn

  3. Lordie, I am seasick from you waving the camera back and forth. PLEASE set your camera in one place or have some one else hold it while you make your presentation. I like your method to give an approx. dollar value .

  4. if you are traveling low resources , i mean like backpacker or something, how much money do you need for a month in there?

  5. i think you travel to vietnam, i will do the same, so could you please to tellme one thing please_ i got 2.500.000 dongs so , how much can i do with this money for to buy food and that things in there bro please?

  6. i have ancient money Viet Nam 1966 -1976 , 111 paper , six different types, I'm sell = 90 dollars ,who buy make friend app zalo of Viet Nam number phone +84 0985446188 , Mr Hùng. I live in Viet Nam , city Cần Thơ.thank you.

  7. love the video <3 hope that you have a wonderful experience in Vietnam
    Hi, I am Huong. I am conducting a research project for the writing class at Hanoi University. It's about the details of your trip and impressions when you come to Vietnam aim to investigate the returning trend to Vietnam of foreign tourists . It only takes a few minutes and I really need your help. Thank you.

  8. Art-Hanoi has a beautiful website where they show all historic currency, it's funny how quickly the dong grew (pun intended).

  9. By the way, i live in Ha Noi. If you come again. Call me
    My name is Tan and my number 0983118509
    I pleasure to help you travel without any troubles with fucking police
    You know … Socialist government …
    I may be killed because i learn American English well
    I might learn North Korean Or Chinese Language

  10. Whoa, there 're so many English lessons about Viet Nam. I'm vietnamese. So, i like the teaching of yours. And thank you so much for making videos for us to learn. If you come to Viet Nam, i would love to treat you a lot of Beer and favorite Food

  11. Cool, I just came across this channel. Finally found a vietnamese Vlog… I just subscribe to your channel. Check out my channel when you have time. Thanks


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