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  1. I have a size 11 foot in vans sometimes 11 1/2 so I bought the sway 11-12 but when I take the liner out and put my foot in the skate and put my toes to the front of the heel has about an inch and a half space is that normal or should I size down

  2. 2 questions…

    1. Where is the "upgrade" video? I'm assuming it is with the trinity mount, I would love to see it.

    2. How does the fit compair to the USD VII? I currently have a pair of the Roman Abrates that I was able to downsize with and I'm curious if I could do the same with the Sway 3

  3. Damn Lino! I want to know what the secret upgrade is. I gave my sway 2 away to a friend who just started skating and bought the three. I love them, I feel they are much more durable than this sway 2. They ride and fit a little bit different though I'm not sure which one I like better

  4. im new too your channel and i love your learning videos and have been trying too learn how too skate but im learning so i can play inline hockey and i was wondering is there any tips or differences in learning too stride skate and takeoff or balance on roller hockey skates vs your traditional inline's like you wear.

  5. I got these skates a month ago after not skating for 18 years. I'm enjoying them so far but I'm limited in my skills and don't plan throwing any hammers. Grinds feel buttery smooth. I do want to get better liners and wheels though.

  6. Hey man, do you have any idea if you going to be in quarteira in the morning or afternoon? Saturday
    Awesome vid btw

  7. You can color dye plastic with rit-dye. I never did a whole soul plate, but I did dye my red seba sliders black. I also dyed my white 90mm RB hydrogen wheels black.

  8. I'd love to know what you thought of the stock liner and wheel/bearing setup (a true out of the box stock setup). Maybe in the next skate review add a small section on skating a skate stock then with mods and why. I think it would help our beginner community understand what they are getting into since they would have extra parts or cash to buy more parts. Nice work though!


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