Ultimate $20,000 Dual System Build – Corsair Slate Part 2


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The finale to the Corsair Slate ultimate dual system build is here, in all of it’s bold hardline beauty.

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  1. im an engineer, that means that i use a lot of 3d cad work and rendering it to vr so the client really has the feeling that there in there new house. 4 quadro gpus will advance in time for me. so what i do in 90 hours rendering i wil do in 40 without overheating my desktop to much. the gaming part is what i could use if i had a day off playing some arma 3.

  2. Man, sometimes, you can't help but watch this and then get depressed. Knowing I will never be able to afford a $20k computer.

  3. This is an industry thing… but…. This would be perfect for a video output rig, the kind that control large LED video walls or massive projector setups. Most people don't realize that you use 2 separate systems to run those… 1 system is just the controller, it tells the video server what to do. And the video server itself needs no local controls as the control system controls it. And of course, in entertainment where everything has to be portable, having your video server and controller in one case would save on transportation and setup time.
    Of course, for such a setup you would populate the system with workstation video cards capable of outputting 6 or more separate displays each, like the Matrox family of graphics cards.

  4. Hey Linus, I am a great fan of all your posts. I would use this for video editing, day trading (Bloomberg included), gaming and web browsing (uploading & downloading), photography, and video teleconferencing.

  5. Ever wondered if one day you just decide to splash some water on that thing and watch it blow up just to see the sparks fly? and then realizing that breaking a system worth more than your salary wasn't necessary in the first place?

  6. I just got one, named it the dreadnought. It intimidates my guests. It's also a good player 2 system. Honestly though. The mag lev fans to put in this costed more than the case and one of the motherboards combined


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