Top 10 Least Valuable Currencies in the World



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World’s Top 10 Least Valuable Currencies in the World

Other Titles:
– 10 Least Valuable Currencies in the World.
– Top 10 Low Value Currencies.
– Top 10 Less Valuable Currencies in the World

Wikipedia, Telegraph and others.

– Currency exchange rates can be fluctuate.
– This list only based on exchange of “United States Dollar” to listed Currencies in the video.
– Some other currencies are also least valuable except the countries listed in the video.

In the Video (Ranks):

10 – KES = Kenyan Shilling.
9 – PKR = Pakistani Rupee.
8 – JPY = Japanese Yen.
7 – HUF = Hungarian Forint.
6 – CLP = Chilean Peso.
5 – KRW = South Korean Won.
4 – TZS = Tanzanian Shilling.
3 – COP = Colombian Peso.
2 – IDR = Indonesian Rupiah.
1 – VND = Vietnamese Dong.

Watch Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies in the World:


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  1. dealers still charge too much,,, they take advantage of collectors and over charge , one can purchase notes at money exchange locations for face value.

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  3. This is so dumb. Japan and South Korea are some of the richest nations in the world….. See what you can buy for 120 yen in Japan… a pack of gum.

  4. This video seems very shallow…. the exchange value does not mean its less valuable. Its how much they can get you in the origin country is. Clearly made just to make people click to.

  5. Btw, the currency's value doesn't affected by the Wealth and doesn't mirror the country's Wealth.
    It is a choose. And some of Hungarians happy with it since we do not have second currency like Cents, and fewer coin which sometimes too many and more annoying to have them than comfortable.

  6. In Pakistan for 100 rupees (1$) u can get a juice (Rs25), a medium size chips (Rs30) or larger one (Rs50) and extra large for (100Rs)

  7. You are being misleading. For example in Hungary we don't have petty change like cents and pence, hence the huge numbers. So if you consider removing 2 zeros from the end, it's pretty decent, especially if you consider real value(a pint of beer will only really go above the £3 mark – 1000Ft in the middle of the party district in Budapest). I recon it's a similar situation in other cases.
    We could cut 2 zeros and reintroduce the fillér instead, but no point just to make foreigners more safe about numbers.


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