TOO HOT TO HANDLE Explained | The Worst Show Ever Made And I LOVE IT


TOO HOT TO HANDLE Explained | The Worst Show Ever Made And I LOVE IT. We review, recap and breakdown the new Netflix Dating Show that follows on in the wake of Love Is Blind.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition and it’s time to break down the best and worst show that Netflix has ever made.

That is Too Hot To Handle.

Basically the premise is that a number of ripped men and bikini wearing and women that actually think four weeks constitutes as a long term relationship. They all get together on an island in order to win a prize of $100,000 dollars but in order to do it they have to keep in in their pants.

You will hate it within the first thirty seconds but watch 8 hours of it anyway.

Leave your brain at home…don’t think too much because you’ll hurt yourself and sit back and watch as you remember how fun summer used to be.

Before we get into the cast themselves we have to talk about Lana aka the third iteration of Skynet. After Lana failed to kill humanity using Terminators she has decided that the only way to actually stop is is to just take away our ability to breed.

Now firstly we have the villain of the piece, Francesca who is basically all the crappy people from Mean Girls combined into one. She enslaves a poor, easily lead henchman named Hayley who she tricks into falling in love with her so that she can manipulate her.

Once she serves her purpose she abandons her which makes her leave the holiday of a lifetime but it’s not like we care cos she sucked too.

Francesca woos Harry and the two kiss which loses them money and both pin the blame on one another. This makes Francesca and Hayley for some reason decide that they will lose the group more money and thus they kiss one another. I still have no idea what Hayley got out of all of this other than kissing a really attractive woman with a perfect bod…never mind. At first they manage to cover up this crime and due to their oscar worthy acting will probably clean up all the awards this year…which right now won’t be that hard.

They get angry at being accused, blame others for their failings, are probably tories and eventually everyone sees them for what they really are, which is the greatest love story of all time.

There’s also David who isn’t too bad of a guy either.

This muscle man pretty much always ends up second best because he’s the type of man that can’t even make eye contact without crying.

However he genuinely is a nice guy and if this was the matrix then he would be fully written in Bro Code because he puts his friend Charron before everyone else.

He even says when he looks at Rhonda that he can’t stare at her without thinking of Charron which…yeah…surprised the girls aren’t falling at your feet.

He also says to Rhonda ‘I stopped seeing your body’ which she replies with ‘no ones ever said that to me before’ yeah cos it’s a terrible line love, I’m not surprised people aren’t saying it to you once an hour.

Rhonda and Charron end up becoming one of the power couples of the group and the two actually build a meaningful connection with one another.

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  1. The worst show ever needed the worst breakdown ever, however, if you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel

  2. I'm on episode 6 of the show rn. And I know it's really stupid but guys let's agree, you just can't stop watching it. It's hilarious 😂😂 Also, I love Chloe man❤️ I wish Jesus and Chloe pair up. But I don't think that's gonna happen.

  3. I knw u roasted homeboi fa havin 2 nip piercings, however I feel for him cuz I get roasted more than id like ta think cuz ima blk male witha tongue piercing🤙🏾

  4. Haley and Francesca were the worst. At first I felt bad for Francesca bc of Harry but then Haley and her literally made everyone lose money Bc of one situation that was only between them two. They were manipulative liars.

  5. Sharron is the low key villain of this show. He gaslighted David AND Rhonda. Sharron basically ghosted Rhonda after this show filmed and they haven't seen one another in person in over a year. In a recent ET interview, Rhonda says she is happily living a celibate lifestyle and focused on building her brand and raising her son.

  6. Fran wasn't great but don't put all the blame in her! Harry was manipulative from the jump, gaslighting her from the jump. He's the most to blame.

  7. yes- been watching this. it's retarded and it still tries to be more stupid by overdoing the stupidity for maximum rubbish television

  8. I think the show was self aware. It knew it was dumb. They narrator said things I would have said. It is kinda cool how those people grew and relationships formed, and most of the cast is pretty likable. Even though they started off as polished turds at the beginning. Its hilarious because people like these really exist. It's a dumb fun show with an overall positive message.

  9. I actually couldn’t stop watching it, merely because I was hoping some weird twist and couples breaking up and hooking up with others but it didn’t happen, meh!
    I really think the lame rules ruined it.
    I just wish the girls were hotter, to be honest they were like 6-7 at best, just really slutty.
    It definitely needed more action, twists and drama, it was lame and disappointing at the end but I enjoyed watching it either way.


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