Tom Hanks: Show Us The Way – March 12, 2020


On today’s Barstool Rundown, KFC, Marty Mush, and Big Cat discuss the coronavirus, from the lovable Tom Hanks and KFC’s conspiracy theory, to the hateable Rudy Gobert, the NBA being suspended, the MLB being delayed, and everything else that is or will soon be canceled.

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  1. Tom Hanks laughs in people’s faces as he posted pictures of little boys and girls socks n shoes that he just did something disturbing to.

  2. Look at kayces Instagram. Look at those glasses. Observe her for more than 15 seconds.. does this bitch actually think she’s anything but basic and unoriginal? Needs a wake up call

  3. The moment when tommy smokes is extremely more mature/logical than the high school maturity level faces of barstool 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Watch Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix, it has two seasons (the second season just came out) and its a docu-series about each of the teams and follows through the entire formula 1 season….very good show

  5. If the office shuts down that means they’ll start doing Skype rundowns, Dave’s reading again, they don’t see each other so they actually want to talk to each other in the post rundown

    It’d be just like the old days

  6. The messures being taken is not to stop it, it's to slow it down during the time we get a vaccin – Stopping it is out of the question, and it's all about keeping the people getting sick at the same at a low rate . You'd rather have 1million people being sick in the span of 6months, than 1million in a weak.

  7. I live all year for the stanley cup playoffs, I watch all the western conference playoff games till like 1am. I am fucking devastated. Although it kinda does make me an asshole because people are actually dying because of this virus and all I care about is hockey

  8. The dude Chet Hanks has the corona virus tatted on his damn chest .. look at that shit!? Nah ..that ain’t weird and of course Tom Hanks is “in on it”! They are some weirdos man but nothing to see here???

  9. you all need to have a one on one tourney so we can bet on fucking something. the first annual no sports on tv corona virus tournament bc we wanna bet

  10. Everyone’s laughing and making jokes, meanwhile sad cat is contemplating ending it all… poor big cat 🙁 poor all of us 😭

  11. Your precious sports are cancelled for a while bozos. Maybe try reading a book or learning something new you fucking losers


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