Tips for Trading the AUD/USD 👍


Trading the AUD/USD. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! i.e. the Australian Dollar against the USA Dollar. This is telling us how many US Dollars (quoted currency) are needed to purchase one base currency in this case the Australian Dollar. It is also known as the Aussie and is impacted by the Reserve Bank in Australia which adjusts interest rates according to how the local economy is faring. You also have unemployment rates and factory output. Also, Australia is very much a commmodity country so there is going to be a lot of emphasis on the prices of the end metals and grains.



  1. I’ve been looking for some time to try and find information or people who specialize Trading the Asian/Sydney open via USDJPY, Gold and AUDUSD. Often there seems to be opening drives, trend continuation or even reversal setups a couple times a week at minimum. I feel like someone could grab 15-20 pips fairly regularly from just watching out for setups an hour or two per day.

  2. Thanks for discussing this side of the fx world – the commodity currencies which I personally like because of its recent dynamic nature. Commodities as a significant percentage of a country's GDP or export/import prowess. The beauty of having two or more market exposure in a directional trade. The power of correlation trades as for example with the USD's recent reputation as becoming more of a petrocurrency. This has really changed the way I approach my loonie-dollar trade and my aussie/kiwi to dollar placing relative to gold and gold as a stand-alone commodity against / or in a high yield environment. And I honestly don't understand why a topic as important as this would get a lot of thumbs down 🙂 Exactly the essence of the intermarket analysis. I believe understanding the core of this topic would give a trader that edge. It's a lot of fun trading when you know you are in your element. 🙂


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