This miner is earning $2000 DOLLARS a month?! Kirinminer Waltonchain WTC Miner Review


The Kirinminer from Silitec mines $2000 dollars of Waltonchain WTC cryptocurrency each month.. But how does this FPGA/ASIC miner do it? Lets review the Kirinminer and find out!

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Waltonchain has developed their own FPGA miner that uses ASIC chips that mines their Waltonchain blockchain. The new Waltonchain FPGA miner is the Kirinminer by Silitec which has the same CEO as Waltonchain Mo Bing. Silitec and Waltonchain are securing their blockchain by moving to this miner and proof of work compared to when they had their ICO as an Etheruem ERC-20 token. Waltonchain was previously mined by CPUs, GPUs, and other FPGAs but now they are mainly mined by the Kirinminer WTC miner. Today Vosk of VoskCoin reviews the Waltonchain Kirinminer!

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  1. Mine cryptocurrency with this GPU! –
    VoskCoin Facebook –
    VoskCoin Discord Server Invite –
    VoskCoin Twitter –

    Miner review starts @ 03:35 😀

  2. I think Rule 1 for me is gonna be : Get into mining for the education… if you turn a profit great, if you don't turn a profit, on the bright side, you can always convert it to a gaming pc. Furthermore, the more i learn about this stuff, the more i think I'm gonna constantly be buying hardware everytime someone develops a next gen miner which seems to be happening every 2 weeks… sheesh

  3. sooo this is like the click bates? Click on 50 adds and get xxx. put in 400 and get xxxx more" so noting has changed. I really enjoy the hardware videos, so watch it when going into these "dont give a fucdf if I son't have to pick u a shovel again" videos which most of these scam currencies are

  4. so I got free power. Can I already get this device from stupid mofos for 50$? Maybe I should make m own movies on how to act on markets and twats to really make money?

  5. I won't be able to sleep tonight knowing theirs a machine that spits out money and I can't get my hands on it.

  6. What miner can I buy to actually make a profit? Even if small but with the most guarantee to pay for its electricity and pay for itself and make a little money over time…

    I live in Cali and electric is like 24 cents per kWh if you use a lot.

  7. Dear Santa,
    For Christmas I want 4 and another one as well…. I have not heard of them untill you told me. 0x8d5fb7Dd34aBe1dc2b578C42E89afb52aF060b

  8. I totally think I should start mining too. Please tell me, how much can it cost me to have a good mining system?


  9. Only releasing 200 or 300 at a time to feed up a frenzy so people will pay 6 grand for a miner? Then pump out a few videos about how your making 2 grand a month to give the illusion of 14 grand a year??/ Forgive me if Im just a little skeptic, but whats with the limited releases and no place to order it?? Just like the ANTMINER, the box becomes obsolete within a year of owning it. Nice video but Ill pass on the 6 grand box that I may or may not get within 2 months.


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