TheShy Is The King Of Outplay (2019) #MSIRAIDBOSS


TheShy best outplays in 2019 LPL Spring split. This montage shows why he is the person to beat in 2019 MSI.

Oplolreplay creates high-quality & detailed highlight reels from RIOT sponsored only Lolesports event & matches with his own unique perspective.

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Software used
AVS editor (Highlights)
Adobe Premiere Elements (Montages)

Riot stream:

Permission by the copyright holder to use Lolesports footage for highlights reels only

Track : Goblin From Mars
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  1. Just watching this again to remember how good theshy is, before this disappointment performance in 2020 splits

  2. When I saw TheShy at semis at 2018 worlds with his aatrox I have been looking forward for his matches everytime.

  3. I don't think TheShy is going to stay with IG, unless there are some changes. Rookie is still amazing but all the other positions did not play very well in quarter finals. So I hope he gets on a team that deserves him. Kind of harsh but if your not a worlds contender with the best player in the game in your roster, then you don't deserve him.

  4. Did anyone notice how 5head he was at 6:50?
    He waits for xayah to kill some minions so he has the option to freeze the wawe!

  5. hiçbir takım belkide bunu bilmiyordur ama en önemli şey takımla beraber antreman yada yayında takımla beraber girmek solo q girmeyin hiçbir zaman takımınızla daha odaklı daha güzel maçlar cıkarırsınız bunlar ig takımı kaç yıldır ne transfer yapıyorlar ne alıyorlar sadece hep aynı takımla oynuyuyorlar adamlar birbirlerine nasıl alışmış bi bakın şunlara abi ya !


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