The Completely Real American $100,000 Bill


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  1. Boopity boppity, hippity hoppity, I can't even rhyme so how can you expect me to come up with good video topics. That's why you should suggest Half as Interesting topics here and if we use yours, you'll get one free Half as Interesting t-shirt:

  2. Not only did it take a whole extra year for a financial crisis to happen, It also took a virus to cause it… not interest rates

  3. 3:06 – "You could carry enough value to buy a house, a few cars, or…a few dozen textbooks." 🤣 The absurdity of pricey textbooks!

  4. I'm confused. So, nobody can use the $100,000 bill, but what about the $10,000? Toward the end he talked about shredding them, so are they no longer legal tender? Early in the video he said they stay legal tender

  5. OMG you really dont know where el Salvador is. I mean just look it up, dont just guess is somewhere in central america.

  6. So, at 4:17 you say "government" implying that notes in the hands of the Federal Reserve are in the hands of the government. The Federal Reserve system is not now, nor has it ever been, part of the government. It is a private bank with exclusive rights to issue debt-based currency at the order of Congress.

  7. The Fed is not actually part of the Federal Government. It's a privately held financial institution. Similar to the Bank of England

  8. i remember that one time it was fourth of july and i saw this person with a 1 thousand dollar bill and this is actually true

  9. In my computer coding class my teacher has a poster with these old bank notes, this is because he doubles as a financial understanding teacher.


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