Stars React To Idris Elba Testing Positive For Coronavirus


Sterling K. Brown, Ellen DeGeneres, and more stars send their well wishes to Idris Elba after revealing he tested positive for COVID-19. Plus, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been released from hospital in Australia.

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  1. Now I am believing that this is "all" fake!
    I mean come on! Idris got tested, and his results were positive. Why is his wife not 3 meters away from him? Why did she touch her face after rubbing his back? Why is she not following any of the precautions directed by WHO?
    This seems like "fake" news to me. 🤷‍♀️
    Stay safe. Eat your alkaline foods to boost your immune system.
    God & vitamin C 🍋🥝🍍🍊> 🤧😷

  2. Why are these idiot celebrities wasting precious Covid 19 tests and wasting the medical professionals time if they are not sick!!?? If you came in contact with Covid 19 stay in your damn mansion. Bunch of idiots!!!!

  3. he is apart of the establishment, he is the guy to push vaccines on black people..people think!! should he not stay from his family too!! had enough of these zombies sleepwalkers.

  4. They are going to start endorsing getting the free Corona Shot… 3 volunteers in Chicago already have the Corona Vaccine… it’s still in experimental trials… 🤔

  5. Those big mouth celebrities now went silent. While people are working over time like doctors, truck drivers, store clerks etc… celebrities are not lifting a finger to help and not even donating a penny. I hope people will see what piece of trash these celebrities are

  6. May the Lord be with by Idris Elba may the Lord be with you and your wife God bless you both
    Your in my prayers stay safe and healthy get well soon

  7. whys it news cuz its a fucking actor. and these actors keep whinging for us to stay inside and isolate, his wife basically on his knee

  8. Ban all Australians to the world. They are close to Asia. Ban Australians to leave Australia to any country. I dont trust Australians 0.1%. They lied about the fires and wanted people to come visit, since without tourist that country will die financially, and said it was safe….They are far from safe. They are close to Asia and China and have more Asians in their land than any other country. They lie and lie and lie. Australia is unsafe to the world.

  9. When he said "my wife" I was like I thought that was his daughter behind him. I was thinking I wonder if his daughter should be in the room with him? And here it's his wife, good for you old man you've got a young wife!

    I shouldn't say anything I like em young too. My fiance is quite a bit younger than me….
    Idris maybe you could do a favor for me since you're home sick, and don't have much to do. Could you get Amazon to release your Mountain movie you did with that chick from the movie Titanic. (Sorry, but for the life of me I can't think of her name right now , or the name of the movie…. must be caused by all this sitting around on my Duff)
    Could you get Amazon to release it to Prime? I've been looking for months and months and months and months and months for that to go into Prime, and it has not done it. Do you have any pull or any say? Sincerely Tammie💞

  10. I think she misunderstood the message and thought to avoid the virus one should KEEP TOUCHING YOUR FACE. Especially the lip area. Repeatedly when close to one who has tested positive. Great message!

  11. How come he has been tested and lots of our NHS workers can't be because there are not enough test kits Its a case of fame and money talks !!!!!!

  12. What the hell is wrong with her? Don't she knows the basic things to do avoid spreading virus. She is not even wearing a mask when near an affected person. Total BS…

  13. I’m confused how he got tested? He must not be in America. I work in a hospital and we can’t even get people tested unless a series of other tests come back negative. And if we are exposed we don’t even get tested. Makes no sense as they don’t have enough tests to just be giving them to anyone.

  14. She sitting next to him touching her face every 2sec does she need to get tested at this point. Save the test for someone who needs it.

  15. hoax he's an actor what do you expect, fooling the masses with the global elite hoax virus which is not even killing anybody. Look at the look on his wife's face, you can tell they're acting.She keeps looking up at the camera from 0 57 she clearly wants to laugh because it's a hoax!!!! open your eyes people! and he is reading a script! If thousands are dying why are the celebrities who get infected recover quickly? dumb on! The celebrities are being used as puppets to spread the deception.


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