SoJiSub and ChoEunJung have announced their surprise marriage! [E-news Exclusive Ep 153]


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  1. I remember digging every single episode of Master's Sun. I'm so happy So Jisub is getting married. He deserves every happiness in this world 🙂

  2. .aw..i was literally shocked when i saw a post on Facebook that hes2 married that i have to search the YouTube..and here it is… heart… wishes to them..

  3. Man i was just rewatching a kdrama of his amd was thinking hes totally husband material. And then go to youtube and youtube suggested me this!😂

  4. I'll say this, him being good-looking and rich certainly helps. Lol. I don't see how they can marry someone that much older. I'm in my 30s and even I hardly want to date someone in their 40s. I'd rather have someone close to my age. Don't want to feel like I'm dating my dad or uncle. I kinda wish she was closer to 30, those few more years do make a difference, but I guess it's not too bad. As you get older, you realize just how young 20s are, so that's why older people give a side eye or might have something to say about the large age gap. It's because there is a lot that comes with it. But congratulations to them.

  5. Love him, I get his habit from “Master Sun” to say “get out” anytime someone get on my nerves 😅 never forget his iconic “kkeojyeo” 😂

  6. I think age gaps in asian entertainment is normal because dating or marrying is not allowed then when they get older then they are told to get married but their age group is picked clean.

  7. Wow, I haven't seen Cho Eun Jung in a long time and this comes out as a surprise on Youtube's recommendations.
    Faker's going to be sad about this. xD And Faker really toned down big time in performance after she left, I guess he wasn't joking when he said he fought hard for MVP to get interviewed by her and was sad that she left and the interviews are with CloudTemplar. xD I guess Faker blew his chances when he said he didn't want a girlfriend while being a professional player. xD

    I still remember when she was the interviewer for LCK, it feels just like yesterday. It was truly the golden era of LCK when she was interviewing there, LCK dominated League in those few years, had a beautiful and funny interviewer and had the best casters, MonteCristo and DoA.
    Then LCK lost her, was slowly rolling downhill and lost the best casters…… Everything went against the LCK since 2016 when she left.
    When she left to study, I honestly thought there would be a day she would return to the LCK after finishing her studies. That dream is crushed now, I guess.

  8. awhhhh im so happy for him!!! he is one of my moest favorite actors and seems so sweet and kind. wish him all the happiness

  9. So happy one of my favorite actors have finally tied the knot with someone he loves and who loves him, too! I pray they will have a good married life. I hope they have children. He was phenomenal in the last drama I watched of him – interacting with the kids. Was it Code Terius(?)

  10. Lol the interview clip reminds me of those fan edits that over analyse couples they ship, except this time it's real hahaha

  11. Congratulations wish you all the very best of everything..❤❤❤❤❤

    His one of my crush and make me live kdrama more..

  12. People who think dispatch actually "exposes" couple are so so blind. It is very obvious that this is the idols/actors way to make it seem like they were trying their hardest to keep it silent but for "exposed" and now need to come clean. Sen like a very korean celeb thing to keep up pretenses of being single. And knetz sentiment always seems to be "why are they flaunting their relationship, just keep quiet already blah blah". So in this way they can be honest about their relationship AND keep a good relationship with their fans. My opinion anyway


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