Retro Review: Nokia X7 – AMOLED Symbian Smartphone!


Nokia X7-00 Journey – 8MP, AMOLED Touchscreen Smartphone
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The Nokia X7-00 is a Symbian^3 Smartphone from the Nokia Xseries. It is the first Xseries phone with Nokia’s Symbian^3 platform. It is also the successor to X6, which was the previous multimedia touchscreen phone, with similar features and specifications in the series.

Display: 4.0inch; AMOLED, 16 million colors.
Screen resolution: 640×360 pixels
Scratch-resistant capacitive touchscreen
Integrated and Assisted GPS
Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
8.0-megapixel CMOS

Calendar, Contacts, Music player, Internet, Messaging, Photos, Videos, Web TV, Office documents viewers, Mail and Radio
OVI services: Ovi store, Ovi map, Nokia Ovi suite, Nokia Ovi Player


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  1. 2:07 'very old nokia device'?! It's 3310 – c'mon… you have to know it, when making any content related to Nokia.

  2. Most depressing Nokia era. I remember all my friends downloading games on their Android devices while I was stuck with this piece of crap.

  3. пусть выпустят такой телефон только с экраном 6 дюймов и они опять падымутся и вайдут в историю нокиа х700 6 дюймов

  4. Fun fact: The first smartphone with an AMOLED screen was a Nokia N85 from 2008. Samsung released its first amoled smartphone, I7110, a bit later and it had the same 2.6" 240×320 screen as the N85

  5. it was powerful and as any Nokia phone with an amazing performance but along with the prisma is perhaps one of the ugliest Nokia phones

  6. My Nokia N8 never had the screen burned in comparison with my galaxy s2 which was newer. Nokia has very high quality standards

  7. I love this phone , still have the last Symbian 808 , too bad non of Nokia services actually works , not ovi , store or even Facebook


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