I Reacted to the Rich Kids of TikTok!? Who Flexed the Hardest

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  1. 3:55
    That guy: finger down if you have done something he said.
    Jarvis: fingers down if your banned on fortnite becz you used aimbot. But no hate love your vids they are fire.

  2. Bro I go to dubi every year and it’s $12 000 to $10 000 and all 9 of us go soo it’s like $100 000 to $90 000

  3. Me: Jarvis bro you live in a 30 mil house and saying that’s not their house. Like you have a private lake you have a built-in checkers table you have a basketball court a soccer court a pool and a studio in a cinema in more your the rich one

  4. jarvis: "no way thats someones house also jarvis: * lives in a $30 mill house that justin beiber used to live in *

  5. Yo this video took you ten minutes to do plus your one of those rich kids i assume. At least try and do an outro next time. Your fucking faze show you deserve. Keep it up lad

  6. why’s he saying that’s crazy and shit just call them fucking melts like we all know you want to stop with the bullshit just be yourself, Kay is even worse for it

  7. No one not a soul Jarvis: there’s like a rock thing around his pool btw your still actually insane even though u can’t play fortnite

  8. A rich kid who makes TikToks reacting to rich kids who make TikToks no hate Jarvis I love ur videos keep up the great work

  9. Jarvis you live in a 30 mil house and a private lake and 2 big guesthouse which you live in btw I'm not hating 🤩🤩


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