Raid Suit Sanji MIGHT Be COMMANDER Level? – One Piece (925)


One Piece Episode 925 is here and Raid Suit Sanji is showing out and flexing on Page One but there’s a crazy twist and also, could Sanji beat a commander?

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  1. What about haki? I think he didn't use armament haki with raid suit and he just tested his 'enhanced standard abilities'.
    He also mentions about some modifications to be made. So with haki, I think he is able to match with someone like queen or maybe greater than him.

  2. nah i don't completely take this filler bcz after this fight we didn't see pageone even once until now and also at the yasuie final moments pageone should have appeared at that time (since x drake is also present) which leads to the fact that maybe pageone is injured .

  3. To be honest the anime made me respect the Zoan better. Them mfs are durable as Fuck! Didn’t think a Page 1 could eat those attacks like that

  4. Do you think Frankie or Usopp adjusted the suit for Sanji for the upcoming Onigishima? Sanji stated in the anime and manga that one of em could possibly make changes..

  5. Bruh with that speech sanji gave, do you think he uses his arms while fighting in the raid suit because ive always thought if he'd throw away some of his pride and use his arms while fighting that id give more credit to ppl who say he is close or on zoros level tbh
    If memory serves right sanji can fight very well with like knives and short swords anyways and we in wano also, i personally doubt he does or will at any point but it's just food for thought

  6. Sanji could not finish page 1 off for the life of him, he ended up running away. He must be at page 1 level and maybe higher as law said but he's a fanboy of stealth black. Lets be honest, zoro is one shotting page 1 with ease.

  7. like i feel like the line about asking usopp and franky to make tweaks to it is important, since they might also make it a bit more sanji-ish

  8. This is really only a small little glimpse into the raid suit. I guarantee you it will be shown to a greater scale in the upcoming war.

  9. I’ll believe that he is commander level if he fight 1 vs 1 with someone of Flying six like page 1 or drake and win, then i believe at least he on par with jack..

  10. Luffy is already commander level, too. If he masters flowing Sakura armament, and awakens his fruit, then I dub him emperor level.

  11. I think his power up will come when he uses armament Haki. It's as if he has it and it's as if he doesn't have it .he is the only one that hasn't made his leg go black

  12. No one has caught on to a comment made by Trafalgar Law about everyone in the North Blue knows about Stealth Black from Germa 66. Knowing Brook is also from the North Blue, I believe we are going to get more of a back story into Brooks true past before he became a pirate. This also I believe will end up not only being the new wanted poster picture for Sanji being Stealth Black of Germa 66 but also may give him a title as the new leader of Germa 66 making his bounty well over 500 million.

  13. Nah, sanji powered up big time. It's just that the ancient zoan devil fruits give you a huge defensive buff. Like a watered down permanent armorment haki. Reference points would be queen head butting bigu mamu the iron balloon yonko. And the fruits are referenced as model dragon fruit. I know Japan calls dinosaurs and dragons the same but oda can play on that because dragons are known for the tough scale like exterior


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