Pattaya to Phuket. 6 hours & 3580 Baht


Time for a change of scenery. I booked my flight to Phuket Thailand with Bangkok AIr. The price was 2700 baht. The car to Pattaya U-Tapao Airport cost 700 baht and the mini van from Phuket Airport cost 180. Total trip time from door to door was 6 hours.

I checked out of Areca Lodge Hotel which i had stayed for the last month and checked into Baan Lamai Hotel in Patong Phuket.

They say change is as good as a holiday and it is good to get out of Pattaya. I needed a holiday from a holiday. Phuket is where i used to visit on family holidays with my Dad, his Wife and my 3 younger brothers many years ago and i have great memories from this place. It does feel good to be back where it all began.

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  2. Just want to know how it took you 6hrs from Pattaya to Phuket when it takes me 45-1hr max to go from Bangkok to Phuket when Pattaya is way closer to Phuket then Bangkok.Your time lines are a bit misleading

  3. I done this a few years back and when I got to Phuket I realised i'd lost my visa card in pattaya the night befor. but it only took them 4 days to send me a new 1 wich was pretty good I thought .

  4. Since I'm subscribed to your Channel I have a few questions. For one how much is gas there? Also the first hotel you went to how much was it? My last question how much was 2 nd Hotel and how long are you going to stay

  5. I think Baan Lamai Hotel got the most beautiful swimming pool in Patong area. It is also just few steps to Patong beach.  Everything is so convenient. Just too bad that its restaurant and night entertainment had gone South,  It was once the  a very busy singing-dining eatery.

  6. Good stuff!

    I see that you stayed at Areca Lodge in Pattaya! Good spot. Good value for money, and it's in smack middle of Walking Street and Soi 6, and you have LK metro just outside the hotel. 😀

  7. Every time I fly to Phuket the dick brain drivers always pull in to a travel agency where they try to sell you tours and hotel rooms. It happens no matter if you take a taxi or mini bus to Patong..if the mini van is filled with people you can be stuck there for an hour or more. I guess if you take a taxi and " pay" driver not to take you to travel agency you can save some time. I hate to be negative on Thailand, but if there's anything that pisses me off, this would be it. Otherwise, I love Thailand and I hope this didn't happen to you DF

  8. I adore your cuddly Dead Farang caricature, but I noticed he has only ONE sandal!…could we take up a collection to find a matching sandal?…cheers!…love your vids.

  9. Good hotel there in Soi Diana and very good location ! Pity we couldn't meet up. I drove by your hotel every day a couple of times 🙂 . I stayed next to the baan Lamai also in Phuket. Merlin hotel it was. Quite an expensive taxi ride to the airport, mate ! For that amount i'm in Chiang Mai 🙂

  10. Looking forward to September – then it's my turn again.
    4 weeks ,maybe BKK; Pattaya; Samui or Krabi.
    But I always leave everything open – just go with the flow

  11. What was the hotel called in Pattaya mate? And how much for a loom? I'm there for a few days in Sept may check it out.

  12. Hi df,thank's for another glimse into your thailand adventure.Have you been to a full moon party while in Koh Phangan?.i went when i first visited Thailand in 2001 but i'm 43 now so might be a bit past it.How long do you think you'll keep travelling for this time around before heading back to sunny Australia?Take care.

  13. I've been to Pattaya but not Phuket. I love Pattaya. How would you compare nightlife and girls? and the beaches. the beaches in Pattaya are useless.


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