[Path of Exile] Over 30,000 $USD Cash Prize AWAKENER Hardcore SSF Boss Kill Event in 3.9 Metamorph!


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Soo Zizaran worked with GGG to put together a massive boss kill event for the start of the 3.9 expansion Conqueror’s of the Atlas and the metamorph league, with 30k $USD worth of cash prizes and another 20k $USD worth of MTX for people managing to kill the new endgame boss The Awakener with maximum difficulty (32 watchstones places in your atlas).

Here’s my reactions and some discussion on the event!

Announcement thread:

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  1. If only there was a way to enforce ppl not getting the information from elsewhere. They will do practice runs on standard a couple of times, and thus make the encounter "easy"

  2. Tbh I think this is done the "right way". Hardcore , SSF is imo the only way to do races! Hyped to watch this! 🙂


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