One Reason Litecoin Will Dominate In 2018 – LTC Value Proposition


Wowwww, how many times can I say “differentiator”? Haha.

Just some thoughts on Litecoin compared to a coin like Ethereum (no hate), and also the entire altcoin market as a whole.

*’The above video references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.’

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  1. Hi Dan😄🖐🏾 should I take my cash from #Ethereum out😳 and maybe go all in with #Litecoin? What you think Dan?

  2. U are absolutely right. Once that institutional money rolls in, it's going into the top 20 coins but most especially bitcoin (stored value) , Litecoin (currency), and off course bullshit ripple cos it's the bankster coin..

  3. do you think litecoin will be worth more then bitcoin cash this year…i did so i sold the b cash i had and bought into more ltc…thax

  4. I think three things that stifled ltc growth especially when it was on a hot streak. Charlie Lee tweeting his cautionary tale 😡 secondly him selling his shares and lastly coinbase handling of bitcoin cash 😡😡. The one positive is i have been able to acquire and hodl litecoin and will continue to do so. I do believe it will be the silver of bitcoin

  5. I use the alts to increase my LTC and BTC. Milk them by trading some LTC or BTC over at a low on them and then cashing out with a gain…. I do hold fair amounts in a few alt projects that I have faith will succeed, but am 80% in LTC right now, it just seems way undervalued for such a good team, solid background and innovation in the works.

  6. Yes LTC fast fast fast transactions. ETH ugh – the transaction time is painful and I feel will hurt it in the long run. Lots of rumors regarding Amazon and LTC use, now that would be amazing. Keep discussing LTC. Great video but you forgot your standard ending. LOL

  7. 🚀🚀🚀 HODL

  8. Litecoin is a great coin very under valued this price correction we have is a second chance to get in the liteocin train that anyone missed few months ago.. many of the alts that are out there in a year or 2 May be less will be gone many will cry as they don't research just jump in somthing because xyz said that was going to the.moon.. litecoin is baby brother to big brother bitcoin will be sitting right next to it soon when many realizes the value of it.. main thing that lacks in litecoin is marketing, Charlie lee is a great guy but marketing is not is best skill..

  9. LindaCoin (LINDA)
    Great coin low cap been giving me great gains!!! Do your own research!!!


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