Nokia N900 Unboxing 4K with all original accessories Nseries RX-51 review


This phone for sell:

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This video shows original box content and a quick presentation of Nokia N900. All the accessories in this video are the ones given by Nokia with a new phone.
Accessories numbers (codes) are in the video.
Box contains phone, battery, headphones, charger, charging adapter, pouch, USB cable, TV-Out cable, CD and manuals.
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  1. This was hands down my favourite phone of all time. Yes I have an iPhone now but that phone was the shit! It had an fm transmitter and everything !!!! It was amazing !!

  2. That touch screen and lcds is terrific in its launch time I'm so glad to say that I've used this phone in my college days I broke that camera stand magnet so it's very annoying to keep it in and out from pocket. So I sold it

  3. مرحبا بك يا صديق لو انتي هتبيع أي فون من عندك انا هشتري منك وده رقم الفون 01017939380

  4. best phone ever. i had two (somebody stoled me both of them). im about to buy another one. It´s priceless.

    i must add to your video, that the brand new one came with a black plastic screen cover u dont wanna take off. Was Sooo perfect.

  5. if Elop weren’t a dick, maemo / meego would be better than android today and Nokia could survive. The n900 was the best phone!


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