Nokia 8250 retro review (ringtones & games)


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  1. Wow. Nokia 8250. A really cool phone and I didn't heard about it. So sad that I don't have one in my Nokia phone collection. Also, I like the Jingle bells ringtone, which is also found in the Nokia 1100B phone. I like the blue backlight too.

  2. Those were the days when nokia launches every model and this the smallest and most favourite unit, im still a big fan of this unit, when can we purchase an original phone like this?maybe EUROPE or US still have?pls reply

  3. This Is Not Software of 8250 … this is NSM-3 V5.31 Software of Nokia 8210 … The 8250 Software is NSM-3D v6.02 latest…..

  4. Look it! Take me remember my childhood. I love it so much. I remember When my brother used his savings about 1500$ to buy it. And i used it for playing game "snake-hunting" all day time and he complained about me. Haha!!

  5. Ring Ring, Bee, Low, Trio, Do-Mi-So, Tick Tick, Fly, Knock Knock, Mosquito, Attraction, Persuasion, Rocket, That's It!, Nokia Tune (Grande Valse), City Bird, Jumping, Intro, Moon & Clouds, Tchaikovsky, Circles, Barn Dance, Mexican Hat Dance (Hat Dance), Samba, Indifference, Hurdy-Gurdy, Sunny Walks, Charleston, The Buffoon, Basic Rock, Groovy Blue, Frantic, Baroque, Entertainer, Jingle Bells, Auld Lang Syne


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