Nokia 8 Camera Review: Zeiss-ty dual-lens snapper


The Nokia 8 camera is a dual-lens Carl Zeiss mobile snapper and our full review follows a week of testing.

Nokia and Carl Zeiss teamed up to create the flagship phone’s Dual Sight camera, complete with new ‘bothie’ mode. For this Nokia 8 camera review we spent a couple of days shooting loads of photos and video with the handset and here’s our full take on image quality and video recording, as well as the camera features.

Check out our in-depth Nokia 8 review, comparisons, unboxing and everything else you need to know.

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  1. Expected much more, being a Carl Zeiss, OIS dual 13 mp, and btw, why the review (saying a CAMERA review) didn't even touch the Manual options..???

  2. Thank you so much. I have this phone for few months now. And just learned new tricks for the camera of this phone 🙂 it's not very initiative for that button I think… Anyway.

  3. Hi, just a question,
    Regarding the front camera, does it have any features like "save as previewed"?
    i mean, it will save the photo just like what you saw while taking it.. and it will not be flipped horizontally. thanks in advance

  4. Average camera !!
    Finally Nokia stolen the title from Sony 'the average flagship camera'😜😜
    Right now XZs/XZ premuim/XZ1 have significantly better camera than this!

  5. Dunno why most reviewers spend lot of time on .. here's this button, here's that button, you press this to switch to that..and that too on on screen buttons!

  6. what resolution and frame rates support in slow motion? please post a low light video to see how it does… thanks!

  7. I don't really expect a mobile phone camera to be as good as an actual camera,but I do believe that Nokia 8's camera can be a little bit more better,perhaps a little software application enhance…Though I still wanna buy it,once it's available in my region.


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