Nokia 8.1 Review | Is This the Nokia Flagship You've Been Waiting For?


The Nokia 8.1 is not in any way meant to be superior to the Nokia 8 or the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Instead, the new Nokia 8.1 is a premium model for those who don’t want to spend flagship-level money. Has HMD Global judged the market correctly, with their latest launch? You’re about to find out.

Nokia 8.1 Specs:


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  1. In the UK Nokia 8.1 is a good price you get it for around £280. With 3 years of security updates and two years operating system it's a no brainer

  2. Just clicked on this video once again to tell you guys that this phone actually ain't worth it. I've been using it for 4 months now and the performance is sluggish and doesn't impress me.. the camera is just average and the whole phone is made of glass which means that it will shatter with just one drop..
    I really don't know what HMD GLOBAL hopes to achieve with this funny move!! How hilarious. I feel sorry for Nokia

  3. Nice detailed and comprehensive review, I have the Nokia 8.1 and it's a very good phone and the Snapdragon 710 along with the Android One experience is quick and smooth like a Pixel, my only issue is that HMD Global is erratic with their updates, sometimes the updates will come early and in the case of June security update, I still haven't received it in the UK where I live. But overall I love my Nokia 8.1 apart from the slow updates which I was used to where they came on time as a former Pixel owner. Anyway, great review.

  4. Too many ads in this video and the Nokia 8.1 is not that great cuz it's made of glass and glass will break!! And again the GPU sucks cuz it can't even play A++ gaming at 60fps as some Snapdragon 660 devices even outperforms the Snapdragon 710 in graphics performance as it was shocking

  5. Dear team.. I totally confused to buy a phone.. I looking for a good camera phone.. could you please advise me whether the best phone Samsung A50 or a8 star Nokia 8.1 or 7.1

  6. I noticed that the Asphalt 9 took up the notch area while in some reviews, the Asphalt 9 didn't take up the notch in the Nokia 8.1

  7. Hi! Do you know the LTE frequency bands this phone will be compatible with in its Europe version please? No info even on Nokia website. I need B 28 (700MHz).

  8. Am I the only who is having problem regarding Hotspot and WiFi connection on Nokia 6.1 plus after its pie updates???


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