Nokia 8.1 review! Best Mid-range phone!? Amazing Camera!


The Nokia 8.1 is a phone I really wanted to get my hands on to review this device with the experience I had with the Nokia 7 plus,
And the question is simple, does this impresses me as much?

camera focus review:

The Nokia 8.1
features a snapdragon 710
4gb of ram,
64GB of internal memory
and of course it runs on android, with using android one.

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Gear Used:

Canon 200D:

Ashanks 31″ motorized Glider:

Rode NT1A:

Neewer Nw-6 Vocal Booth:

P.c setup setup:

Ryzen 2700x:

Cooler Master Cooler:

Gigabyte AORUS AX370:

Corsair LL120RGB coolers:

Ballistix Sport LT 8GB DDR4 2666mhz:

Seagate 6TB ironWolf Hard Drive:


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  1. Was doubting between nokia 8.1 (can get it for 280euros now) and samsung a50 for about 307 euros, but this convinced me. Much prefer clean android as well.

  2. How long will it receive security updates, is it easy to replace the battery? These are very important concerns in 2019, yet they are rarely addressed in reviews. I was pretty annoyed when having to buy a new phone because motorola stopped providing security updates, even though my phone was still perfect…

  3. And now you can get 8.1 for under 300 EUR in Europe. Just a catch – only the metallic gray model is that cheap. Other colors are about 50 EUR more. I guess, they made discounts because the metallic gray piled up in their stores 😀

    Of course, you can get something more powerful for the same price, but not everything – good camera with OIS, NFC, gyro, clean-ish Android with guaranteed upgrades for a few years. However, I wish Nokia had put a physical LED for notifications in that big notch and also more durable materials would be appreciated (a friend had some chips on edges after mild use for 10 days). And stereo speakers should be easily implemented leveraging that big notch again…

  4. In camera department which would u prefer, Nokia 7 Plus or Nokia 8.1? And having no gorilla glass would u still say this is durable device?

  5. I've basically downgraded after years going with Samsung Galaxy and paying over the odds on my monthly contract payment which was way over the top. This phone has cost me half the price per month, admittedly the screen isn't as good as a Samsung S8 but I've honestly not noticed that much.Also no Samsung bloatware which is a plus…stock android.This phone has been as fast as any Galaxy I've had.Im glad I changed to this phone.Great phone.

  6. I heard the Nokia 8.1 is sluggish in performance. Would be a real disappointment upgrading from the Nokia 7 plus which is fast to a sluggish phone.

  7. I got one of these a week ago, treated it really carefully since the case didn't arrive yet, still after only 1 week there is a huge scratch on the screen, it didn't fall once, and hasn't hit any sharp objects, also doesn't fall under warranty. Quite disappointed

  8. Any iPhone converts used this ? I'm looking to get my wife away from apple and onto an android one but can't decide which to go for.

  9. I had the 7 plus but it failed after 8 months so the company replaced it under warranty with the 8.1. TBH I preferred the 7 plus, it just felt so much better in the hand. The 8.1 feels big and clunky and is a terrible fingerprint magnet. The performance experience is about the same although the picture quality is better. When they said they were "upgrading" me for free I accepted happily thinking I was getting a better phone but now I wish I had insisted they repaired my old phone or sourced a new 7plus. I loved the look and feel of the 7plus and didn't see it as as cheap phone but not sure about this one.

  10. fingerprint on the back is a deal breaker, i just cant stand it there also when i have my phone in a car holder for google maps its a pain in the ass to unlock it

  11. well nokia is selling their nokia 8 2017 here for 220usd same price of Nokia 7 plus here in Philippines….too bad they didn't bring the 8.1 here

  12. Nokia 6.1 user here. Nokia's designs probably won't appeal to young buyers looking for those flashy gradient color backs but Nokia is a mature brand and their phones look classy and European. Unfortunately they also are succumbing to the temptation of following the industry into stupid screen notch designs and 19:9 aspect ratios. Me, I'm loving my Nokia 6.1.


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