Nokia 7650 retro review (first Symbian S60 phone including a camera)


That was the first Nokia smartphone including the software (operating system) Symbian S60, and a digital camera.

Made in 2002, that phone was awesome in his time. In connectivity we found Bluetooth v1.1 and Infrarred (IrDa). The phone works at GSM bands, certainly at 2G (900 & 1800 MHz). You can play music or java games thanks to a procesor that works at 104 MHz.

It includes the BLB-2 battery, which has a capacity of 750mAh and gives to the phone a Stand-By time up to 230 hours.

It is too the first colour display nokia cell phone, it has a TFT with 2.1 inches and 4096 colors. Please comment what do you like about it, or what do you think.

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  1. I still have this phone in a box somewhere It came out at the same time that the Minority Report movie. It was even advertised with the movie. But it had a memory problem and the phone didn´t work no more. Great features and look but that was it.

  2. My best friend had that phone just it was released and everybody in our school was amazed how is it possible to have camera on phone. Nowadays there is absolutely nothing to amaze people – everything you could have is so "ordinary". During Nokia era every new phone had so much attitude and new functions compared previous versions. Nowadays bulk cellphone era there is maximum of 1% new in next models when they are released

  3. Forgot to show us the SIM funny location. In the era where the SIM usually stay under the battery. Maybe in another video. Great video anyway.

  4. Hi man, just discovered your channel, I love it !! I'm trying to do something similar in mine for my country. Don't worry, maybe I'll be less a good reviewer like you ! SEE OLD PHONES WORKED is beautiful !!!

  5. Had this phone in 2004, you dont need to press green key to answer the call, or red key to end it. You could set it to answer the call when you slide the phone and end the call when cloasong it

  6. Two more days and this dude will be mine! I been looking for one for years and finally found a suitable one 🙂

  7. Uau, em 2002 eu nem sonhava em ter um celular, e olha que super celular a nokia ja tinha criado 😱 a nokia precisa voltar a reinar nesse nicho que sempre foi dela, ate a apple tomar…

  8. Did you know that the same Snake game is found on the Nokia 9210 as well. The only difference is that the 9210 version is a wide-screen one 🙂


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