Nokia 6700 Classic Screen Repair / Case / Keyboard & Antenna Replacement


Skip Intro 0:20
Face Plate Off 2:38
Remove LCD Display 3:45
Keypad Removal 4:28
Charging Block/Socket 5:33
New Screen in 7:07
Antenna Replacement 7:59
Volume Rocker 8:53
To replace the case, screen, keyboard, antenna or charger block/socket you will need a T4 or T5 (both used in production) Torx (star) type screwdriver, a plastic knife and maybe some glue if the little L.E.D flash comes off.
You can easily source new parts online.
DIY repairs will void any warranty.
Please rate & sub and I’ll do my best to put some more on here…
Filmed in one continuous shot (no edits) with a Panasonic HDC-SD700


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  1. Самое лучшее видео о том, КАК грамотно разобрать/собрать/починить Нокию 6700. Великолепное качество съемки! Особенно мелких деталей. Даже при условии того, что мастер рассказывает не на русском языке, я почерпнул из видео намного больше, чем у российских доморощенных "мастеров" с херовыми камерами, ненужным музыкальным сопровождением и небрежностью во всём! Спасибо мастеру и надеюсь он сможет перевести и прочесть русский комментарий!

  2. Helpful. Would add things to watch out for. On the facia plate the bottom two screws [black] go into steel retainers. Watch you don't cross thread. The top two [silver self tap] go into plastic!!! So obviously careful not to over tighten. Also, the clips on the aerial module are a beggar to get off if you don't take off the facia first. Even then they are very easily broken. Module cost about 4GBP via fleabay, as are keyboard modules 6GBP. Always ask the seller if these items are brand new and unused. Many sellers are now listing 'New Condition' which seems to mean 'I took it out of an old phone and it looks ok'. Lastly firmware beyond 10.5 does not allow manual settings for email so don't be tempted to upgrade to 13.2 if you want to use the on board email app. Third party apps might work.. or not!

  3. I always watch your videos to get around my phones. .I learnt a lot from you guv. …
    I stay loyal to your channel with future requirements.

    thnx for your time and I hope you will answer my requests

  4. Excellent step by step knowledgeable video. Thanks mate!! Put replacement screen and fascia in gold?! Couldn't have done it without this video

  5. Thanks for answer me.
    But i do not know who to do it… You can do it for me?
    Where did you live?
    I can sent it to you to fix it?
    Best regards

  6. have 2 6700 classic one is bluetooth working but other phone nope can i fix my bluetooth?I dont saw in your video bluetooth can you help?How can i find this

  7. i have this model & the screen wont boot up, flickers suggesting theres power & i can access files blindly, is this a simple fix? cheers

  8. I have been trying to find out, without success, what is the name/type of the RF connector on the E52 motherboard (in the schematics it is named X7505).
    It is a bit frustrating but I really need to connect the E52 to an external antenna and I intend to do that via a pigtail, E52 RF connector to SMA jack.
    Please, can you help me with this piece of information?
    Thank you for your help!

  9. Hey, I replaced the housing of my Nokia and when I took the front fascia off the keyboard came away. Now that it's back together the keyboard seems to bulge ever so slightly and if I tighten all of the screws too much, the * button doesn't work. Any help please?

  10. i have just bought a new housing case for same phone but unfortunately the new one is a copy of genuine, the upper casing has got no antenna just a plastic cover so now i get no signals on my phone. i still have got the old casing with me. any help?

  11. You are my Man Of The Month! I was about to buy a new phone for £250 when I stumbled across your utube vid. Turns out all I need is a new antenna so I just ordered one on ebay for £1.95. YOU ROCK! x

  12. Hi how do you change camera flex on 6700c i have to to replace mine and i am finding it akward if you could give some advise Cheers

  13. Yeah. I'm gonna have to sort out a new iron. This is my secong budget iron,
    that has died after minimal use, in the last year or two. Dang it.

    Anyway I just wondered if you had the heads up on how to remove that board.
    It has a cable attached to it which I think goes under the camera. Eeek.
    Scarey now. Didn't want to start prising out the camera, without a guide.

    Anyway, solder it is. Should be OK, as they were solder originally.
    Never mind.

  14. Hi, I stripped back 6700 to the point where you have it at 8mins 44 secs in the vid. You're pointing to the volume buttons on the PCB, and the rocker switch. Looking from the angle the vid shows, my right hand side – volume up button, is hanging on by one solder pad. My solder iron not working when I came to use it today. Either I will buy new iron, or buy new board online. However I tried to remove the exhisting board. I struggled and have stopped for now. Do you have a way to remove it plz?

  15. Hi,my phone dosent turn on or charge.when it was working before the charge used to run out quickly.can you help?


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