Newbie Tuesday: What is the THAI BAHT?


The first in the Newbie Tuesday series. This series of vlogs designed to answer questions for people travelling to Thailand for the first time. We look at Thailand’s currency: The Baht and it’s various denominations of notes and coins.

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  1. That is NOT a 50 Satang coin you showed it is a 2 baht bronze. There is also a 2 baht silver colour. Never ever heard of anyone confusing a 20 baht note for a 1000.

  2. apart from the 50 baht note missing,you failed to mention the 2 baht coin(2 types in circulation) and there is a new style 5 baht coin in circulation also.

    no hate but this is not up to your usual standard of vid

  3. Betty, it is worth mentioning that since money has the “King’s” head on it, if you drop money NEVER stand on it since this is a mark of disrespect

  4. Hello BFB, your Newbie Tuesday series has come at just the right time for me as I will be there at the end of this month for the first time, and staying for a month 🙂

    I had an angle on the money already but good to get the full picture so thanks for this vlog.

    I've been watching a lot of Pattaya vlogs over the past few months and there are 2 questions that remain unanswered in my head.

    1, the Baht bus routes, which I saw you saying you will explain soon…brill. I know it's 10baht for most journeys, maybe 20 on some extended journeys…maybe you can explain more at the time.
    All I know is that they go South on Beach Road and North on Second Road, but there are other routes that I don't know…what are they?

    The other q I have which I haven't seen mentioned anywhere, is about some of the street names.
    On Google maps most are ok to follow, but over the months I've formed the impression that some streets have nicknames, but Google will only show the correct names.
    I suspect that Soi Diana, Soi LK Metro, Soi Made in Thailand, Soi Honey and probably others, have 'proper' names, but what are they? lol.

    Is there a definitive list of proper names to pet names, or can you make one up?

    Hope you can throw light on all this 🙂

  5. Hiya – just a quick question regarding exchange. Arriving next week and will be heading to the TT exchange. I’ve noticed you as well as few other vloggers talk about the one on Soi B. However, there is one around the corner from my hotel so I was wondering if the exchange rates alter from Each TT exchange store or they all have the same rate?

  6. Great blog BFB question though last vlog: you said if you land on the right keep right and the immigration queues are shorter, can you explain please ? Only been once before and only seen one immigration point FYI it was LHR to BKK with Eva

  7. £1 = 42 baht, 1000 baht = £ 23 ??? can i change my uk money with you, i will take your rate over all the other currency exchangers 555

  8. I keep the 1000 and 500 separate from my other bills. Can confuse the 50 with the 20 in the dark due to similar color. There are two other coins, a 2 baht coin (brass color) and a very small copper coin, I think either 1/2 or 1/4 baht. Always try to pay with the smallest denomination possible to avoid incorrect change problems.

    I usually carry 10,000 with me when heading out at night. Covers most of my expenses and don't have to worry about finding an ATM or money exchange – unless I end up ringing the bell once too often 555.

  9. Excellent idea. Damn wish I thought of it now. Lol. You said no question is too silly, so he’s mine. Not too long ago, you donned a magnificent wig and declared to all, that you’d do anything for love, but you won’t do that??? What do you mean by “that”???

  10. i have made a mistake with the 100 and 1000 notes they look more alike than the 20 note , especially after a few beers

  11. As a long time visitor to Thailand and someone who likes your uploads very much I just want to say what a fantastic idea it will really help all those planning their first trip. Have a fantastic holiday in the land of smiles.

  12. Excellent informative video… But the 20 Baht and 1000 Baht notes don't look anything like each other imho. Have you been tested for colour blindness ?

  13. I love you besty but this video could have been better. Not having a 50, using worn out bills, not focusing on the coins, not mentioning the bills are different sizes. Though not a newbie, I can see this video series as being a cornerstone of your vlogs and increasing your follower base. I get asked a lot of basic questions about Thailand and was looking forward to sending them your way for the answers. I know your taking time always from your holiday to make these but if it's worth doing… Hope your enjoying yourself. Stay healthy and I'll see you next week.


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