NEW Video Evidence Of Amber Heard's Abuse on Johnny Depp | "I Punched Him" but She's Sorry???


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  1. Let me know what you think!

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  2. It's a tough one because when I tried charging my ex for abusing me,, somehow it all got twisted around to make me look like the bad guy. He was threatening to murder my family and I and my cats and told me how in detail. I do think the decision to divorce each other was wise.

  3. I like your videos now before I even watch them because I know they will be good and accurate…guess I'm hooked lol.

  4. How is no one saying wtf she's allowed to eat while on stand. Never seen that. I would think if she's diabetic but then wouldn't they give you a break to get your blood sugar stablized? I remember having to testify against someone who phsyically/sexually assualted me, I was not acting like this was the still scared because he was right in front of me (I was told he'd be at the table in the other side of the room but enough space apart). Anyway he kept whispering to his lawyers and giving me the evil eyes just anything to mentally intimiate me. I've seen domestic abuse even in my family and they never acted or would you find anything leaked with them basically saying sorry, they got caught. Even when she says it it's like 'yeah I'm listening 🙄' is the vibe I get from her. Idk. I never thought Johnny guilty of it and still stick buy it. Not seeing aqauman or buy L'Oreal, besides there's plenty of brands to choose from😆😉😁

  5. Is she eating fudge edibles? She’s a pathological GONE GIRL liar… she’ll never be the same after this trial. Why? Cuz she’ll hear about it til the day she dies as a manipulative girl as the girl who cried wolf. She’s treating her real life like a movie… play acting that has real consequences. She deserves to join Charlie Manson’s family.🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. So… when ugly girls act like that they’re called crazy bitches. When hot girls do it, they’re just misunderstood women and need more materialistic things to placate them. Tell a girl she’s hot enough times, she’s going to take advantage of it.

    “Mr.Depp, I hope she falls onto a bicycle seat sideways than gets bumped from behind by an ugly girl, permanently finding said seat a new home in her uterus.” ~Ambers last girlfriend

  7. She's really trying to play the 'female victim' and hoping everyone just believes her by default of being a woman. Nasty, horrible woman who shows classic abusive traits.

  8. I've said it before and i'll say it again, women like amber heard chew up and spit out nice guys. Dare i say willfully weak guys. If she threw a tantrum and the guy looked her right in the eyes and told her to sit down and shut up with intent in his voice, she'd probably orgasm right where she stood.

  9. Hi Tristen, nothing here to change my opinion so far, I find her hard to believe at best. Her lawyers should have been kept to normal responses, such as objection…etc. I think IMO, they are given too much leeway, (if the judge was present ?) which it sounded like he was at one point.

  10. The most important thing here is that we need to fight for GOOD JOURNALISM. There are too many columnists and journalists taking this topic as a piece of entertainment and a click bait. You might as well call them abusers too because they are manipulating with the truth. It's not a joke. Men can also be victims. The #metoo movement needs to be equal for men and women. If the "so called journalists" keep putting headlines to trash Johnny just to get more publicity, they are doing more damage to other men victims going through something like this. Journalism can be dangerous and we as public need to change this – we cannot blindly buy lies and manipulation from cheap news channels. As a public with a voice, keep fighting for truth and good journalism and honest headlines. #justiceforjohnnydepp #fightforgoodjournalism

  11. I agree, her eating on the stand was do annoying. And her lawyer didn't want her to answer anything. Her eye contact is very telling also.

  12. Uch, her attitude stinks. She is so superior and disrespectful. She's like "Duh, just believe me already. What are all these stupid questions for?" Honestly, I think she makes herself look quite stupid.

  13. I hope theres a lawyer who can share some important point on this particular hearing. For instance shes eating? Is this allowed? The way she answer the question? Or Johnny's lawyer commit a mistakes?

  14. Hi everyone, i just want to ask whos asking question? How could she get away with this? This is 2016 right? Q:do you understand my question?
    Q:repeat the question
    Soo arrogant.

  15. Still UN ambassodor for domestic abuse victims. Still starring in major movies. Still spokesperson for L'oreal. Equaity 2020 style.

  16. It’s funny how she has to think of a lie every time the lawyer asks her a simple yes or no question 😂 she’s a terrible actress and a psychopath 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. There's a new ridiculous story that just leaked where Heard is claiming Depp dragged her by her neck through broken glass while fondling her. My question is why was this never mentioned before?

  18. What the fuck. The questions are simple, yet she seems really confused and like shes stalling for time to answer them.

  19. Based on this vid from 2016 I CAN’T BELIEVE she got away like a victim
    Who TF was the Jury and the Judge????
    The way she behaved you can tell right away she’s not telling the truth!!

  20. She’s so full of 💩! She was so disrespectful and condescending. It’s hard to watch that level of a arrogance and entitlement.

  21. A message to #AmberHeard :
    If simply being sorry for poorly judged behaviors after the fact were enough to nullify them then there would be so few held within the prison system for action that they too were sorry for after the fact. The damages that you have caused to the many who have been touched by your presence in their lives is reprehensible. The truth about "I'm sorry" is it means you don't repeatedly keep doing it after the initial apology. Either way, your actions have lead to this – which you will be answering for – I hope you HEARD.

  22. She definitely makes a good subject to study the characteristics of a narcissist and pathological puppeteer.
    And her lawyer may not have his job if he continues like this, can't wait to see their outcome in this issue. They know they are losing at their game, wonder what false hope is motivating them to continue to fight.🤔

  23. Are there only exits to the apartment/condo through the bathroom? How do you attempt to escape through the bathroom?

  24. So much for the claim the the tapes were unsubstantiated. Evidence verified by one the persons in the tape during a disposition.

  25. She's straight up displaying her bullying tactics/manipulative behaviors/narcissistic ways right here for everyone to see, while under oath! She's fucking dumber than I thought!!

  26. She flat out lied on stand. How did they not arrest her right then?! She says in the tapes she HIT him. Flat out. Then lies in court. Every relationship she has, she is known for being physical. I hope Judge rips her a new one. But they prolly will Continue to baby n spoil her

  27. Celeb court is way diff than our courts. Our Local Judge would put you in contempt for bringing food if you could even get it past the deputies. She's disrespectful because those ppl allow her to be that way. Bring her ass here and NC court would Chew her to pieces.


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