My $24 A Night Budget Hotel Room In Bangkok, Thailand – The Atlanta Hotel In Nana.


My $24 A Night Budget Hotel Room In Bangkok, Thailand – The Atlanta Hotel In Nana.The price of the room was just over 700 baht including tax.Here is their website –
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  1. My favourite hotel in the world. Monastic rooms, cotton linen, low-key guests, love that the WIFI is slow/off much of the time, and also rate the ceiling fans. It is the greatest treat, after the sleaze of the district, to walk through the Atlanta sliding doors. ~

  2. Yuk.. what a shitter…fuck that for a row of soldiers… Need some noise ….party .. party… lets go mother fuckers – wtf is it a nunnery?

  3. so, was the breeze and the fan enough to keep you from being too hot ? anyways, i love this hotel from seeing it on the internet. i love the cats too. I hope to stay here some day. thank you for the tour.

  4. I can definitely say after this wonderful experience that I would highly recommend +besttraveltrip. com+ to anyone looking to find the best hotel deals in the surrounding area to save your time and money. Thank you!

  5. what  families  and  couples I mean there, their, to  see  the  nightlife  right?  because  theirs  nothing else to  see  except  heaps  of  concrete  jungle  and  street  vendors

  6. Sort of interesting but the regulations do seem sort of infantile in a sort of condescending way, even dictatorial – but it looked homey/comfy, which of course could balance out the whole demagogy thing……:-)……nice lobby/cat/pool/style…..:-)…..

  7. I stayed 2 nights in 2009………….really bad………..the management of the time was psycho about the original owner (who it turns out was a whore fucker).and the religious purity of the place…..hypocrites………..this is a hotel for catamites.

  8. I really wanna stay in this hotel, so much unique character and history! But no free wifi and hot water is really a no-go. I wish they would have upgraded some of these essential attributes which I think will help the hotel survive..

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  10. you can get a much much much nicer place for about 35 bucks a night, with proper AC and cable TV, why stay in this hole?

  11. Hi Neil. I thought the room was decent value for $21 with a good swimming pool, but you are right about the room itself. The main reason I stayed here was because of the quirky details. ie rules on display, animals in foyer, classical music. It is definitely a one of a kind in Thailand. And definitely seems out of place in Nana.


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