Monero XMR | Will Monero be the #1 Privacy Coin?


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In today’s episode we take a look at the Monero XMR Privacy cryptocurrency coin and discuss how this privacy coin could be a competitor to Bitcoin’s dominance.


-This is not financial advice.
– Cryptocurrencies and related technologies are extremely volatile. Never invest more than you are able to lose without seriously impacting your life.
– The views expressed in the videos are the opinion of the creators.
– Your finances are your responsibility, be responsible.

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  1. thank you for being so informative, I'm in this for the long term… FYI: Today on my birthday I decided to hodl Monero and to my amazement, the best Monero Wallet to store my privacy coins was the CAKE Wallet, I guess I am being wished a happy birthday, I will take it as a good omen.

  2. Monero wont be number 1 UltraNote will be number 1 because it has a much affordable mass adoption approach with integrated wallet mining + you can also send instant messages with IPFS encrypted file attachment which Monero cannot. There is much more value in XUN. Its just a matter of time before people start looking for the extra application of privacy coins.

  3. Was just thinking I should get into monero, has more use than most cryptocurrency out there…by the way great beat in the background. Would love to know what the track is. Thanks for the good info as well!

  4. I see some gold bullion venders are now adding Menero as a payment option, along side BTC. Good news for Monero if the gold guys will take it.


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