I’ve Spent $100,000 To Look Like A K-Pop Star | HOOKED ON THE LOOK


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A CAUCASIAN man has spent over £75,000 on surgeries to look like his Korean boyband idol. Oli London first discovered K-pop boyband BTS when he was living in Korea in 2013. ,K-pop is a popular genre of music from Korea, and BTS is currently one of the most famous K-pop bands in the world. The Londoner is particularly infatuated with lead vocalist from the band, Jimin, and he has strived to look like his idol for five years.

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  1. What kind of underground, black market med spa is this?? He literally walked down a staircase to a basement from a nail salon. Something ain’t right with that. Did anyone else catch that??

  2. Some fans preaching about 'loving yourself' but when they see someone having issues loving themselves, they mock them, call them ugly/disgusting and cancel them.

  3. I can tell his friends weren't pleased by what he did to himself. To be honest, he doesn't look like Jimin at all, I feel like he has gotten way to obsessed with Korea and Jimin. Like I love K-pop and Korea, and I want to live there because I learned about the culture and I just want to experience something new in life, but he is a literal Koreaboo. I understand Koreans and Asian people are beautiful, but lots of non-Asians are beautiful themselves and you shouldn't change yourself and how you look like to look like someone you look up to. I wonder if Jimin even knows about him.

  4. Don't you think its a waste of money because those doctors can never help you with looking like him. You should learn to appreciate your normal face, it also looks cute👌👌👌

  5. “They have to train for 4 years”
    In the BTS open your heart Suga said when he joined BigHit/ Started training “ 3 years ago”
    They did the open your heart when they were debuting so not all KPop idols have to train for 4 years

  6. It's so … augh, people tend to forget the insane amount of hard work to be a kpop idol.. they start off as very ordinary-looking people, who trained their butt off to earn the money and also get the treatment from stylists or beauty regimes to groom themselves. This guy just takes in the aesthetic point of view without knowing the effort behind that… it isn't only the kpop idol themselves but a whole entire team and company that shaped them to who they are today.. looking "perfect" is just one of the many aspect of being a kpop idol, which is also why kpop idols are also respected.

  7. Jimin isn't the lead singer. Jungkook is the lead singer of BTS. You don't even look like a Korean even if you have medical surgery. No matter how hard you try, you can't look like Jimin. If you had not have surgery ot would have been good for you.

  8. Its sad that he hates himself so much that he thought if he looked like his favorite kpop star he would feel better and love himself😢
    And no….just……no


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