Inside a Massive $21M NYC Townhouse | On the Market | Architectural Digest


Join NYC real estate professional Leonard Steinberg as he takes you on a tour of a massive $21M New York City townhouse. This beautifully, naturally lit home, comes equipped with a hidden wine cellar and home theater.

11W 12th Street Listing:

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Inside a Massive $21M NYC Townhouse | On the Market | Architectural Digest


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  1. Why do you need two living rooms and two kitchens? I could live in an rv if I wanted to and in rvs there isn't even a kitchen or living room

  2. I’m sorry, did he say a MERE 21 million?! There’s nothing mere about that price. However, I found solace that my kitchen looks just as nice as this one, although we didn’t pay anywhere near that price.

  3. The men reached the 4th floor and told us that the whole floor is private for only 2 people.

    Me : wth 21 million dollars house for only 2 people?

    The 5th floor : let me introduce myself.

  4. 3:17
    "The definition of nature in NY is a little bit different to the rest of the world but here we see a tree …and that's pretty darn good"

  5. My 1 million dollar 16 room mansion with its 200 by 210 meter garden is far superior, cheaper, and larger. NYC is getting way out of hand.

  6. Sure, it's super fancy and has everything I could ever want between two sets of walls, but…it's in NYC. Bleh! Take the home, remove it from the city and neighbors, and plop it on about 1000 acres and, when that Nigerian prince finally pays up, I might consider it.


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