Insane $1500 Gaming PC Build 2019! [2070 SUPER & Ryzen 3600X w/ 4K Benchmarks!]


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In this video I’ll be assembling an insane $1500 Gaming PC Build for 2019, featuring the RTX 2070 Super, AMD Ryzen 5 3600X and Corsair 280X, with boat loads of RGB! I’ll also be benchmarking this system at 1440p and 4K in games such as Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch, Forza Horizon 4, Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4!

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CPU Cooler:

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CPU Cooler:

Full $1500 Gaming PC Parts List:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i SE Platinum Edition
Motherboard: MSI B450 Pro VDH MAX
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB White (16GB)
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 Super (Founders Edition)
Case: Corsair Crystal Series 280X
PSU: Cooler Master MWE 650 Gold

The Equipment I Use:

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  1. can u do a tutorial on how to build that pc because im thinking of buying the parts in this video to build a pc but the video dosent really cover up how to build that pc

  2. is the corsair ram compatible with ryzen build? there is an intel compatibility in the case does it affect performance?

  3. Is there another white case you can recommend that is cheaper and a motherboard that is higher quality?

  4. can you add a SATA SSD to the motherboard? also, want to know what are other alternatives for PSU because it's not available on Amazon?

  5. bro $160 case is a bit too much tbh u could save $50 easily and put it else where a corsair icue 220T RGB Air flow would be a amazing choice

  6. Hey geekawhat i love your builds! I have a question if im not a big fan of ryzen, what intel processor can i swap it out?

  7. hey, i am really considering if i should buy this exact pc. However, I'm not a fan of these rainbow lights. Is there option to choose the color to be for example white? and are these lights dimmable?
    thanks alot for answer in advance.

  8. This is right in my budget range 😀 my only concern is that its quite a cheap motherboard, will it handle overclocking?

  9. Don't buy the RGB Ssd or Hdd it's running on high temperatures. Ltt did on this video and I think this too, they are doing so many heat and later it can work worse. BE CAREFUL
    (I don't know about this nvme and this is my opinion)

  10. Is the motherboard micro atx and would a mini atx motherboard fit in to this case I'm trying to go for the exact same build but cant find that motherboard

  11. I’m gonna be getting a setup very similar to this just with the ryzen 7 2700 for my girlfriends birthday so that we can play destiny 2 together and I’m super excited

  12. I've been all over youtube looking for a pc to replicate at this price point. My man, thank you for the vid! Def gonna build this piece.

  13. I’m a noob but would a ryzen 7 3899x bottleneck a rtx 2080 super and also does a mini itx/itx build affect the temps a lot or just like a little bit or not at all


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