I'm Buying Ethereum NOW!! | Here Is Why [ Ethereum 2.0 ]


I believe ETH is currently undervalued compering to other smart contract platforms and especially to bitcoin. In this video I will explains why I’m currently buying ETH, and I will state the roadmap to Ethereum 2.0
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  1. This is a great video. I am using it in my own website about this topic here: https://binbitforex.club/%ef%bb%bfethereum-cryptocurrency-news-update/

  2. My first month using Garrett Marcus strategies and signals, I profit up to 400%. My 2.5BTC gave me a return back of up to 9BTC. Looking into this month as well, what have you planned to achieve?

  3. STEADYGROWINGWEALTH101 is a lifesaver. The first time I ever felt terrible about my life was when I lost my JOB OF 7 Years
    It all started when I was roped with organization theft. I lost almost everything I had ever worked for. I was just distorted and didn’t know what else to do. I had left about $40,000 and I literally took the risk of investing about $10,000 through STEADYGROWINGWEALTH101. C O M Very daring, right? Well, the outcome of my move has made me great returns on investment. I have invested even a lot more because of the ROI.

  4. so cute how he speaks and moves his hands while talking about his 'beacon chain' that's the only reason why i am buying

  5. Etherium platform can be changed which means the supply can be controlled. Bitcoin and litecoin have a set number of coins. The planet will only ever have 21 million bitcoins which means every four years a halving will take place. So if you invest in a ether and the owner changes the platform to increase the supply to lets say 50% that means the value will drop to 10£ a coin. I stick to the gold and silver which are bitcoin and litecoin.

  6. Hi! Very nicely explained… I am very bullish on Ethereum too! Could we have a talk, something like Telegram or WhatsApp? Have a good day! 🙂

  7. ethereum has hijacked other people's accounts, especially rezon astonishing Minecraft why does erhereum want to hijack people's accounts why please tell me

  8. Oh, Lubin talking. Than you should definitely listen. I remember when 2.5 years ago he was asked about Ethereum futures. He said it was a matter of weeks rather than months. 2.5 years further, still no futures. Lubin's credibility is very high.

  9. A very good explanation of sharding! If you want to know more about Ethereum, you should check out my most recent video on my channel. I talk about the 7 reasons why Ethereum is a good investment. If you are on the fence about ethereum, then you should definitely check it out! 🙂

  10. Vitalik Buterin looks like a mad scientist. He is going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! As long a he can keep other devs out of Korea!

  11. I think etherium 2.0 will change market flow. Edgeless(EDG) is one of the Dapps which can get benefit from etherium 2.0. This is well-designed but not popular yet.

  12. I think the complexity of Ethereum is both a gift and a curse. It's a gift because there are so many practical uses for ethereum but the curse is that most people cant/aren't willing to understand how ethereum can benefit them.

    However, it's only a matter of time until ethereum is accepted by the masses. With the older generation passing, the younger tech savvy kids are the future, and they will adopt this new technology.

    Ethereum is simply just ahead of it's time, but it's time will come eventually. It's only a matter of when.


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