I Lived in a $1 Million Dollar Apartment in a Korean Suburb for 2 Months


Let me and a neighbor show you the million dollar apartment I’ve been living in for most of the last 2 months in a new suburb of Seoul called Gwanggyo (광교 수원시). This is the type of apartment and neighborhood that a “Samsung man” and his family might live in because it’s new, nice, and close to Seoul. Neighborhoods like this are unlike anything you’ll see in the U.S. We also discuss some of the interesting things about buying/renting real estate in Korea.

1:30 Talking about the neighborhood (Gwanggyo)
3:31 Entering the apartment (since the elevator took longer than usual)
6:26 Housing Bubble

As you can see, there’s a bit of a housing bubble going on, though it’s cooled down a bit with the recent economic sluggishness.

Although this video talks about the neighborhood, I’ll make another video focusing more on the neighborhood itself because I think it’s very interesting as an American since neighborhoods like this don’t exist in the U.S.

Just to be clear, I did not purchase this apartment. I was simply subletting a room in it for ~$13/night.


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  2. There are many reasons why there are many apartments in Korea.
    First, Korea has a lot of people in a small area and needs a house where a lot of people can live in a limited space.
    Second, to prevent North Korean attacks, the apartment acts as a “barrier”, so the apartment city around Seoul is a lot.
    For this reason, there are many apartments in Korea, and as apartments are branded, they become expensive.

  3. it doesn't look like million dollar home😅. My class mate has a condominium cozier than that here in the philippines but it doesn't cost a million dollar.

  4. I’m leaving in korea now for couple years, it is so depressing to see that all apartments look the same, all building have the same shape everything from a city to another there’s a lack of design and architecture, but even tho the prices keep going up… this bubble is not gonna end well, record my words

  5. Apartment buildings in korea still look like those stalinist builsing in the post soviet countries. Dont know why but they just can't seem to come off of that style. What a waste of their resources honestly.

  6. it is clear to me that iran is not sovereign. after many attempts all i c is a whole lot of nothing. i wonder if i had said the same to kim jong un would have it happened already? No wait they under sanctions too?


    this is it. Kim jong uns father would be turning in hes grave.

    I wonder how many have starved already because of the sanctions? They don’t deserve closure according to kim jong un.

    Shame really. There was me thinking iran and korea was sovereign…

  7. SK seems to suffer from serious rat race syndrome. I see why so many SKoreans leave the country now and come to the US/Canada!


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