HTC Vive Cosmos 899€uros (800USD?), Shipping End Of August According To Insider Information


According to a trusted industry insider, the price of the HTC Vive Cosmos will be 899 €uros and the device will ship end of August. (In the video I stated USD, but actually the industry insider stated the €uro price. Taking into consideration that we normally pay a premium in Europe (Vive Pro headset only was €879), you could expect a US price of around $800, if my source is correct about €899). Take this with a grain of salt. However, I believe the probability of the information being true is high.

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  1. Will you buy the Cosmos at this price? Do you think the information is accurate? What kind of display would you want for that kind of money?

  2. Hi Sebastian, I paid POS AMZN Mktp
    €460.64 for my Rift S, I just received my Valve Index yesterday I can't say I'm overly impressed with it I notice a lot of light leakage from the nose area, it's nice to be able to throw stuff without worrying about the controllers flying out of your hands, in Skyrim VR I find the Knockel controllers less intuitive if I try to use an arcane enchanter after I've selected what to enchant, what enchantment and soul gem to use it says press B to craft which doe not work, I shall open a ticket with Steam to figure this one out.

    Warmest Regards.

  3. I highly doubt it will be under $1,000 due to the Pro's $1,400 release. With Eye tracking and other things it doesn't make sense for it to be under $1,000.

  4. I want to love your videos but you repeat yourself a little too much! This video could have been half the length. Thanks for the news though!

  5. Well it's just confirmed that the Cosmos has 1440×1700 per eye resolution… If the FOV is less than 140 then I don't see the point of that $900 price.

  6. That is why the oculus quest will do better. But some people hate Facebook so much to buy it so they might buy the cosmos instead. I mean I hate Facebook but they can take my money.

  7. They are aiming consumers at this price ? This is a joke.
    When I read people writing "I have no problem paying 1000$". "Same cost for a high end smartphone"
    I'm not OK with that . If you wanna be screwed, that's your problem. You have to show that you are not OK with this price.
    Just a high end rig for a good VR quality = 1200 / 2000 € alone.
    Look at the price range from Sony and new Oculus HMD + Windows Mixed Reality headsets. People are interested.
    We are the client, we choose to buy or not, don't let the industry fools you.
    If the price is too high, don't buy. We have the power of decision.

  8. where did the oled rgb stripe rumour come from? i thought it had been tried many times and it was just too expensive to make along with a short lifetime. have htc found a way to fix that? i thought whatever screens vr uses we would already know about them though..

  9. Well, we need more Specs Info, for now I'm going to stay for now with HTC vive focus plus because this VR headset is gonna be EPIC.

    More info HERE:


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