How to Send Money with Western Union


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  1. Hey guys I need help a family member in Myanmar (Burma) said she has problems sending 1000 Euros to Germany. They need special Dokuments not just ID passport but other documents and the reason why She is sending money and to whom you are sending it to.. it all seems very complicated . I can’t find any proof of this on WE site. I have the feeling that I am being deceived. I really need the community help on this . Thank you in advance and hope for help.

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  3. Anyone help me there pls? How can i solve the problem on western. The western union said i picked up the money using my name but i havent picked up yet coz, when i was about to pick up the money they not allowed me since my name spelling got wrong. So how could i suppose to get money already? I went all the branch of western just to pick up money for about almost 5 times, but no body there allowed me to get it coz, of my issue that im wrong of spelling. And i dont know why they msg and getting suspicious about me the one who picked up money i dont know how they say i already picked money by my name

  4. How can i report western i gpt problem picking up money on dec 20 2019. I did not picked it coz the agent said "not found. So, they not allowed me to get money. Then the sender told me i wont pick it up coz the money and the western msg the sender that my name already picked up the money

  5. Hello po sana po may maka sagot sa questions ko, paano po if mali ng isang letter ang name ng sender/reciever. Hindi na po ba nila pwede makuha pera pag ganun

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  7. ************** Never USE Western Union and its Dealers ****************
    ***************They will Steal 20% of Your Transferred Money ************* Western Union and its Dealers are scammers,The Canadian government is legitimizing their theft by allowing Canadian to cash their fund in C$ only, so, WU take advantage from the Canadian customers cashing their fund at an exchange rate 20% less than the market exchange rate . This is on top of WU fee i.e. 25% -40% steal

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