How to Remove Write Protection on USB drive – 2016


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This is Teja
In this video, I will be teaching you how to remove the Write Protection on your USB Flash Drive.
NOTE : You will be able to remove the write protection only from the same computer using which you created the write protection on your USB drive.
Generally, there are two ways to remove the write protection on your USB. The first method is by making some changes with the Registry keys in the Registry Editor, and the second method is by using Command Prompt. Since, I feel that its easy to remove the write protection by using Command Prompt, I will be teaching you the second method.
Here are the commands that you need to run in the Command Prompt :
diskpart – It enters the diskpart, and opens up a new cmd window
list disk – It lists all the disks which are presently conncted to your PC
select disk 1 – It makes the USB drive as the active drive
attributes disk clear readonly – It removes the write protection on USB.
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  1. To all the people, who were reporting that this doesn't work. Firstly, check for any external switch on your USB drive. Some USB drives have a switch on them, using which you can turn on or off, the write protection. If they don't, then you have to follow the method that I showed you in the Video. I repeat once again, this works only on the computer using which you created the write protection.
    And here is a reply for all of those who were making mean comments that this is not working. If you can easily remove write protection from any computer as you wish, then where is the security for your USB? I mean, what is the use of locking your USB drive, if anyone can remove the lock soo easily, from their own Computer. Just think.


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