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The founder of, William O’Neil wrote the book “How To Make Money In Stocks.” This book does just what the title says it would, it shows you how to make money in stocks. The book breaks down the “CANSLIM” methodology, which reveals the seven common traits that make a stock successful. CANSLIM stands for:

Current quarterly earnings per share
Annual earnings growth
New products, new management, new growth
Supply and demand
Leader of lagger
Institutional sponsorship
Market direction

This version of “How To Make Money In Stocks” is even better than the audio version because it helps you visualize the CANSLIM methodology.

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  3. One of the most useful Stock investing videos I have ever seen. This video has meat and juice. Most other contents are dry bones with cliche statements we heard thousands of time without something solid to touch like a great example. Everyone will tell to do your own research – but few will tell How to do that ? What to look for? this is one of those few helpful channels .

  4. great video, been day and swing trading for a while now and am reading this book now, this video did a great job simplifying it 🙂

  5. Where the fak are you be all this time? Great Channel simple, easy to understand, not like jeremy financial education

  6. It is rule based, you need more of real predictor of the price and just history/expectation can not do that!!!

  7. Hey guys, i am Ivan and i from Russia. This video help me. Thanks guys. I hope you may do it more and more videos. Good luck

  8. I am a newbee, studying and preparing to enter the markets. I just started reading O'Neil and I love what I am learning. I have one question. In this video's example of comparing the Q4 EPS, from one yr to another, you show .26 EPS growth to .45 equates to 73% growth. Can you explain this math please?

  9. How does one find the harder historical numbers, like debt ratios to determine if a co is reducing debt?

  10. Been watching all of your videos. I am invested in RGR as a contrarian play for 2017. XRX post company breakup, NVCR for a riskier play, and AGNC for monthly income. I liked your idea about TREX. I also have PBT for income on my watch list. Keep up the videos. Sometimes it is great to be re-introduced to some of the basics! Follow the trend lines , not the headlines !


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