How This Website Makes $150,000/MONTH! PASSIVELY


Interested in making money with a website so you can earn an income online? Then you DO NOT want to miss this video of how this website makes just 2 guys (Jeff & Ben) over $150,000 a MONTH!

How to Make a BEAUTIFUL Website FAST:

In this video I breakdown:
1. What is DollarSprout? ( )
2. How does it make money?
3. How much traffic does it get each month? (How many visitors / month?)
4. Where is the traffic coming from?
5. How do they get that traffic?


Where to find affiliate products to sell:

What is SEO? Explained:

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  2. Need more explanation cuz it is not enough and looks complicated, I didn't understand what is the products that they are selling?

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  13. Fantastic video Dale ……Ive just watched 3 in a row. It would be great if you could make a tutorial on making a WordPress site in the style of DollarSprout.

  14. Financial and Medical niches are extremely difficult niches. Also, Google makes it harder to get those websites indexed… unless you have real credentials (e.g. Dr., MBA/PhD professor) and publish tons and tons of content

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