How a $300,000 Speaker is Made


Oswalds Mill Audio makes $300,000 speakers from wood like ash, cherry, and walnut—plus slate and special cast iron. The sound quality is as good as the materials.

Made is a series of simple, gorgeous short films that demonstrate how everyday luxury objects are made, and honor the process and artisans behind them.


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  1. Nice, up to the point The Price! You think you selling space shatle or what? There is nothing special, from video I see only arrogant business man selling old technology for old RICH farts any nothing more to add.

  2. The title was edited as it used to say 'How a $300,000 Speaker is Made using $100 worth of materials but we get away with it because buyers with too much money are mugs'

  3. 10,000 dollar Paradigm Persona 3Fs will blow these out of the water especially if powered with a pioneer SX1980 SS amplifier or a Prima Luna Tube amplifier.

  4. But you don’t want to use acoustic wood. When making a speaker you want as little resonance in the actual box as possible because how it shapes the sound, though maybe enhancing in some instances, is so unpredictable.

  5. 4:38 not the only company. There are some small companies in Japan who make these kind of cases for speakers with this kind of joninery. Japanese are actually known for their minute carpentry.
    I guess it's an American thing to think they're the only one in everythng.

  6. I love how he emphasizes basic production technologies as if it was something special, sandform is simply the cheapest for their production rate, a simple coating can also be cheaper than paintjob and work just as well, but in which terms would it be better, I honestly don't know…

  7. Now the high-end audio market is ready for the $250,000 Dan D’Agostino Relentless amplifier. 😂 $300,000 speakers + $250,000 amplifier = $550,000 etc etc 😂 It's for the Bugatti Crowd etc etc!

  8. Mr. Weiss must know Michael Bloomberg personally. This was such a farce of a video regarding the so-called uniqueness of the quality, the design, and the expertise of these speakers warranting the price tag. Getting slate, wood and some PCB fabs to make your stuff don't make it special. Get otta heh!

  9. I made some tall speakers from used car speakers and they sound incredible when played in my music shed where elvis truly lives.

  10. Oh but it’s not the best if the resonators aren’t made with human skin and tanned from the blood of virgins… smh

  11. This hobby is for the wealthy who like to show off to their friends at how much money they spent on unique items that the average man or woman can't have. Its really about exclusivity and snobbery of course.


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