Global Wealth Inequality, Do you know about 1% people || Infotainer Plus


Wealth of Nations Global Wealth Inequality, || Infotainer Plus

Global Wealth Inequality, Do you know about 1% of people.
Do you know that more than half of the global wealth belongs to 1% of people only? 10% of Adults hold 85% of global wealth so 90% remaining population hold only 15% of global wealth. on the other hand, 1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty half than earn only $1 USD or less in a day.
Top 20 richest grow their wealth from 672 billion USD to 1400 billion USD in the past 7 years. Up to the year 2024, global wealth will rise from 361 trillion USD to 459 trillion USD. Global Wealth Inequality is at alarming high figures. Global Wealth Inequality is the most shocking and worst truth of the 21st century. In the upcoming years, it will become the biggest problem of the world. The Wealth of Nations.


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