Excel MOD Function – Easy Explanation & Practical Examples of MOD for Work


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Simplest explanation of Excel’s MOD formula and how it can be used to solve real businesses cases. It explains the MOD function in simple terms and shows you three different practical cases.

Excel MOD is shown as follows:
1. Grouping participants into groups of 6, 3 or 4. Which is better? i.e. has less people left over.
2. Reporting quarterly data
3. Controlling the occurrences of data labels in charts. For example, you have a line series and you’d like to show the data label for every 2nd, 3rd or 4th occurrence.

Some details about MOD:
What does the MOD function do? By definition, it returns the remainder after one number is divided by another.

We can classify whole numbers into certain groups. For example, Odd and Even, or numbers that are divisible by two, by three, four, and so on. This is what the MOD function does. It checks if a number is divisible by another number and if not, how far away is it from being divisible. The key here, is that MOD looks backwards – i.e. to the next smaller number that was divisible and then count. MOD works the same with negative numbers. The video gives an example.

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  1. Hi Leila, very interesting with the MOD function. I tried to transform it into my German version but it seems that we can't use this function because the German versions don't have it, or do you anything more? Best wishes! Dirk

  2. Wait, you can pull a number out of a cell with text and use it in a formula??? The more I know, the more I realize I don't know.

  3. Super!! A couple of days ago I looked for this type of function, but never found it! Thank you Leila! Very professional, as usual!

  4. 12:45 An alternative for getting the first letter of the month is to use =LEFT(TEXT(A39,"mmm"),1). This converts the data number values into text and then takes the first letter.

  5. It has occurred to me after watching this video that in the parentheses for month were a says A29 there to be A29 -1 right there because the beginning quarter would be on 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1 and again for 1/1. I don't know if anybody else noticed this yet or not. Its this correct???

  6. It doesn't work if your number is not integer. I have function such =Mod(21,9;0,1) and it gives 0,1; Although if I multiply them by 100 so =Mod(2190;10) it gives zero. Why that happens? Is that only my excel or what?

  7. @16:00 NA() will make my line disappear! So I decided to Change Chart Type to "Scatter plot"

    @18:15 CountA($B$3:B3)=1 is shocking to me! I used Row(a1)=1…just like @14:01

    I've learned so much, thank you, Leila!

  8. Hie Leila thanks for the marvelous excel tips that you post to help us. May you please do a video on how to make a coxcomb chart?

  9. Leila, I have been a fan of Excelisfun, now I am becoming also a fan of you. I have seen many of your videos and they are great. Excellent presentations. Congrats.

  10. Dear Leila
    =IF(MOD(ROW(A4),$E$36)=0,B39,"") when i put this formula, it works for the starting cell also

  11. Hi Leila
    Thanks for sharing this very interesting video with us.
    Very smart excel features that can be implemented immediately in our daily professional life.
    Very creative & sophisticated techniques.

  12. Hi Leila, I am becoming addicted to your lectures can you imagine I spent all my weekend just watching your videos?for you information I am a CFO and I found your tips very useful in preparing my presentations to the BOD. I am now giving the charts to my secretary in order for her to prepare my power point presentations,one question, how can I get the excel workbook that you have used for this video?many thanks,Ghassan

  13. Brilliant Leila! For the first minute or so of this video I was thinking what is the point of the MOD function, but I can now definitely see where I could make good use of this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Dear Leila,
    I have a strange problem with this function.
    Please test this number and check the result,
    It should be zero but its not.
    Could you please tell me cause of this problem?
    I think this is a bug in EXCEL.


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