EUR/USD, GBP/USD Analysis & Setups 5 – 7 Jan '20


More information about Ultima EA: AND get our live trading setups in 2020 with 30% discount: The EUR/USD is testing support and likely to retest the 1.12 resistance. The GBP/USD is expected to build a triangle pattern.

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  1. Look..The GBP is poisoned by those GBP manipulators.

    They are those people with the power to significantly manipulate the GBP movements with just words related to Brexit.

    The BOE did lots of that for some yeras now. Before that it was about the global economy crises effects. Some politicians with the same power to manipulate the GBP are also doing still.

    Knowing exact minutes of the coming words. Like surprising news about Brexit .This will make some banks and companies billions if they are informed in advance about the coming news..nice isn't it.
    If those banks and companies make few billions profits. few hours…they could look after you with few millions.

    We should get those jobs.
    This things happens??
    What you think….

    Now Brexit issues may still go on for long time…only God knows what other surprising news ..yet to come.

    If brecit is totally over will BOE still forcast more negative forecasts which are often wrong.. ..but they do plunge the GBP.

    Noe The state of GBP 1.30 usd for some start to look normal….Forgetting the fact that is it well under valued.



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