EUR/USD, GBP/USD Analysis & Setups 21 – 22 Nov '19


The EUR/USD is building a bull flag chart pattern and a break above 1.1080 confirms the continuation. The GBP/USD is likely to test the support but remains bullish too.

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  1. seams like fed doesn't want sharp price changes , they cut rates but present it as one time cut !
    so if this is the strategy of USA federal bank , makes it hard to conclude we are in a break out pattern .
    in the other hand , data coming from Europe are getting better and data from USA are getting worse .
    it is very hard to answer fundamentally when this slow downtrend will finish . but technically price already reached yearly resistance and didnt broke it and now moving upward .
    so i can agree that being bullish is getting stronger , despite all uncertainty around fundamentalists .


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