Eating The World's Most Expensive Burger ($2,000)


eating the world’s most expensive burger! it’s £1,237, or $2000 burger in the uk. comment below what your favorite burger is.
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The £1,237 ($2,000) GlamBurger:
– Kobe Beef
– Caviar
– Canadian Lobster
– Maple Syrup with Bacon
– Italian White Truffle
– Gold Covered Smoked Duck Egg
– Gold Covered Bun
– Saffron Sauces

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  1. What? No pule cheese, topped with yubari king melon marinated in kopi luwak, with Amedei Porcelana garnish?
    Idiotic. What a waste of good ingredients.

    Doesn't matter how much you spent on it, when you just throw a bunch of stuff together because you can, you end up with noise. Expensive noise, but noise nonetheless.
    Stone soup for the obscenely wealthy.

  2. Is it just me or does this look like regular hamburger besides the caviar and on it (the caviar and gold is what makes it expensive)

  3. Literally get a McDonalds big mac wrap it around edible gold and boom
    100k burger right there

  4. Love ur videos..💓💓💓
    Really helping me out to survive during the lockdown.🙂🙂
    Delicious HomeMade Fancy looking & super delicious Crispy French Fries😋😋

    Very Easy to cook

    Video duration < 2 minutes
    Short & Precise

  5. It looks like a home cook style of burger, something I would make at home minus the egg, gold, caviar, and the thing he puts on after the maple bacon.


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