DuPont Poisoning The World {BBC Documentary}


This is a perfect example of greed becoming more important, than citizens lives.
How 3M and DuPont made billions by exposing the entire world to a toxic chemical which causes cancer and birth defects.

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  1. I almost cried to see nucky's baby came out healthy this is such a scary heart breaking story..du pont..need to be shut down this isnt enough ..its so scary..cant never trust no one especially our goverment cover ups..sickens me .soo sad..I watched dark waters amazing movie depicting this horrible events around this

  2. it's not enough to see videos like this. People are too passive. Organizations should rise and fight back. Not like rebels they should be organized. The leaders of DuPont should be dragged through the streets. But guess what they are all living rich lives with good people's daughters between their legs. Yeah the demons they are

  3. Every middle class or working class person who complains about “ambulance chasing lawyers” needs to watch this documentary. The truth is that the same corporations who tell you plaintiffs lawyers are bad are the same corporations who are fucking you over left and right.

  4. The scariest thing is that the Teflon chemicals are among thousands and thousands of harmful chemicals in our environment.

  5. She feeds the baby with a plastic bottle. She has learned NOTHING from this 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    BPA (and BPS as used in bottles who claim to be BPA-free) are also harmful chemicals. In the US there are 85.000 chemicals that weren’t even tested for their harmfull effects. Only if you can proof you have suffered from deseases linked to those chemicals and you can proof it was the activator then it could be taken off the market. Only then. Good luck americans! It is so important to do your research and don’t believe in adds!! Stainless steel and glass are the only materials that don’t leak chemicals!!

  6. I‘m astonished that everybody seems so shocked. Companies all around the world are doing it, even worse in india, bangladesh, china etc where all the fast fashion is being made and dyed. Research how much water it takes to make a jeans (to grow the cotton, pesticides, flying it back and forth because it gets dyed another place than it gets sewn)…

  7. Countries, Multinational organisations, research institutes do so much research on cancer, cholesterol, genetic mutation. They invest so much money, energy, time and risking the life of employees but solution is too simple just shutdown such companies. Rather collecting so much revenue and investing some of it to cure consequences and rest of money you earned but can't enjoy because of you and your family health is not well.
    I mean is that difficult to understand and to break the cycle or these people are making fool out of us.

  8. You can see how people back then ware uneducated and without common sense. I mean , what farmer will alow his animals to drink from poisoned river ??? As for workers in DuPont , you must be out of your fuckin mind to work in a place where you exposed to dangerous chemicals every day.

  9. Thank you for this eye opening experience. Mind blowing. Watching from Philippines. I started to use teflon pan since 2017 when I was living alone thinking cooking made easy for me. I have one non stick pan only coz here in Asia non stick pan connotes to a comfortable life. Mostly here we use Aluminium cookwares.

  10. How many of y’all in the comments voted for Tr*mp?? Well he defunded the EPA, which was created to protect everyday folks from stuff like this. #TheMoreYouNnow

  11. Yep cancer is completely man made to cure it would cost us our world economies so instead we have these big ass companies covering up all there dirty lies…its disgusting! Why is there not a world ban on PFOA? In the uk we don't even have anybody checking our water streams this information should be made public without anyone needing to ask!!

  12. I am surprised that Dupont haven't tried to sue the people (victims) that they have poisoned for breach of copyright. After all, these people are walking around with their property blood streams. That's what Monsanto do.

  13. I've also come here after watching dark waters. I think the saddest thing is Dupant stopped using C8 and has now started using another chemical.. with similar consequences. Terrible stuff. A lot of it is not disclosed because it's not classified.


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